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October 25 - Wednesday Schedule (Tentative)
8:30 am 

Pre-Session Meetings / Rehearsals  
8:30 am - 9:30 am Credentials and Registration Committees, WGM, WGP, Grand Secretary, and Chairman of the Grand Tellers  
10:00 am to noon Grand Officer Rehearsal
12:00 noon - 1:00 pm Owl and Penquin Free Luncheon hosted by WGM and WGP (light lunch, no reservation, open to all) Luncheon thanks to all who are coming in early to help set-up and get things underway!
10:00 am
Hospitality and Credentials Schedule
10:00 am to 4:00 pm Hospitality Room Open (light refreshments, closed for lunch)
10:00 am to 7:00 pm Registration and Credentials Open (closed for lunch)
1:00 pm 
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Emblem Bearers Practice
1:45 pm - 2:30 pm Grand Choir & special music (anyone who would like to participate in the choir is invited)
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Flag Bearers and Grand Marshal
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Cavalcade of Flags (all current Grand Representatives, visiting and from NM)
5:30 pm
Lantern Glow Fellowship and Patriotism Welcome Dinner
Lantern Glow Fellowship and Patriotism Welcome Dinner 5:30 pm (Seating at 5:00 pm) Guest Speaker-Wayne Walker, PGP, (open to all) Meal will honor Veterans and have a special presentation by Randy Geck, PGP.  Paid meal, Reservation needed
7:00 pm
Welcome Session (Session I)  (Informal Opening-- Open to All)
6:30 pm Seating and line-up of Grand Officers and others
7:00 pm Opening
     Introduction of Grand Officers & their Escorts
     Emblem Ceremony
     Introduction of General Arrangements Committee
     Introduction and Greetings of Masonic & Appendant Body Leaders
     Presentation of Flags
    Special Veterans Tribute (All veterans are requested to attend)
    Special Opening Welcome by Marianne Shenefelt, Past Most Worthy Grand Matron
    Special Message by
Thomas Schenk, Grand Master of Masons in NM
    Charity Walk (Time of Giving) "Coin drill" for OES NM projects: Education, ESTARL, Benevolent, and
               General Fund -- all proceeds to be split between these causes
     Opening welcome by WGM and WGP
Reception of WGM, WGP, NM GGC Committee Members and Other Distinguished Guests immediately following  (Open to all- no charge, no reservation)  
October 26 - Thursday Schedule (Tentative)
8:00 am 

Formal Opening of Grand Chapter 2023 (Session II)  
7:00 am - 5:00 pm Hospitality (Light Refreshments and beverages-no charge) (Closed for lunch)
7:00 am - 5:00 pm Registration and Credentials (closed during luncheon)
7:30 am Member Seating and Line-up of Grand Officers and others
8:00 am Call to Order
     Entrance of Grand Officers
     Emblem Ceremony
     Ritualistic Opening
     Initial Report of Credentials
     Introduction of Distinguished Guests
     Special Honor Ceremony of 2022-23 Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons
     Introduction of Patron's Association
     Report of Worthy Grand Patron
     Report of Worthy Grand Matron   
Grand Representative Luncheon (Open to current and past Grand Representatives, friends and families) Paid meal, Reservation needed
“Fiesta” Patio Luncheon (Open to all) Paid meal, Reservation needed
2:00 pm 
Thursday Afternoon (Session III)
1:30 pm Member Seating and line-up of Grand Officers and others
2:00 pm Call to Order
    Cavalcade of Flags, AGC (All current Grand Representatives of any jurisdiction)
     Emblem Presentation
     Introduction of Distinguished Guests (not previously introduced)
     Initiation (if applicable)
     Special Greetings/Remarks from Billie Bradfield -- Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron
     Fraternal Correspondent Report
     Report of Membership and Marketing Board
     Introduction of Chapter Secretaries
     Report of Grand Secretary
     Introduction of Chapter Treasurers
     Report of Grand Treasurer
     Presentation of Grand Secretary Emeritus
     Presentation of Grand Treasurer Emeritus
     Report of Jurisprudence Committee
    Special closing Grand Star Point ribbon ceremony

6:30 pm
Thursday Dinner Functions
Cinderella Banquet (Sisters and friends of sisters of OES) Paid meal, Reservation needed  
PGMs/PGPs Banquet (PGMs and PGPs of any jurisdiction and their guest) Paid meal, Reservation needed
Patrons Association Banquet-Brother's Night (Open to ALL OES Masons in good standing) Paid meal, Reservation needed
October 27 - Friday Schedule (Tentative)
8:00 am 

Friday Morning Business Meeting (Session IV)  
7:00 am - 5:00 pm Hospitality (Light Refreshments and beverages-no charge) (Closed for lunch)

7:00 am - 8:00 am Registration and Credentials (Closed for business session and luncheon)
and re-opens 1:00pm - 3:00 pm

9:00 am - 11:30 am Distinguished Guest Tour (Silver City Museum, Billy the Kid Cabin, and "Big Ditch") open to all who are not attending the business meeting. Reservation needed. No cost.

7:30 am Member Seating and Line-up of Grand Officers and others
8:00 am Call to Order
      Entrance of Grand Officers
      Emblem Ceremony
      Introduction of Distinguished Guests (not previously introduced)
      Final report of credentials
      Election of Officers and Legislation 
      Report of Grand Trustees
      Ritual recognitions
      Committee reports
      Announcement of 2023-24 Appointed Grand Officers
Treasured Memories Luncheon
This is the all-member and guest luncheon filled with a fun-filled hour!
     Special activity --OES trivia lunch contest
     Grand Officer year’s highlighted memories
     Special recognitions and awards presentations
                  (special surprise recognitions of members around the jurisdiction)
     Random Act of Kindness (special surprise recognitions)
     Proficiency recognitions
1:15 pm 
Breakout Sessions
Break-Out Sessions for Associations 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
(Please attend if you are a line officer in your chapter, even if you don’t have plans to advance. Anyone can attend any of these meetings, if desired.)
     WMs/WPs Meeting
     AMs/APs Meeting
    Conductress/Sentinel/Associate Conductress Meeting (newly elected)
    Secretary / Treasurer Meeting
2:30 pm 
Friday Afternoon (Session V)
2:00 pm Member Seating and line-up of Grand Officers and others
2:30 pm Call to Order
     Emblem Presentation
     Introduction of Distinguished Guests (not previously introduced)
     Any unfinished business from morning session
    Committee reports
    Necrology report
    Memorial Service (open to all)

Practice and Meeting:
    Installation Practice immediately following the close of the Friday afternoon session
    Sunset Association Meeting following Installation Practice
6:30 pm
Friday Evening Treasured Memories Banquet and Dance
TURNING BACK TIME 6:30 pm (seating starts at 6:00 pm)

Paid meal reservation needed to be able to attend any of the evening’s functions. (open to all)

COSTUME–Turn Back Time–Late 1800’s to early 1900’s attire requested.
Very special event with Thomas Westhart as Master of Ceremonies, with guest speaker and many fun activities.
KEY NOTE SPEAKER:  Marianne Shenefelt, Past Most Worthy Grand Matron

Will complete drawings for special prizes, painting drawing, and silent auction.
Will be making special "OES Service" award recognitions.

Evening will conclude with entertainment featuring a live band and dancing.
October 28 - Saturday Schedule (Tentative)
8:00 am 

Saturday Morning Closing (Session VI)  
7:00 am - noon Hospitality (Light Refreshments and beverages-no charge)  
7:00 am - 8:30 am Registration

7:30 am Member Seating and Line-up of Grand Officers and others
8:00 am Call to Order
Entrance of Grand Officers
Emblem Ceremony and special recognition of Emblem Bearers
     Introduction of Distinguished Guests (not previously introduced)
     Presentation of 50+ year members (NM and any jurisdiction)  
     Special recognition of Grand Chapter Sweethearts
     WMs / WPs Hostess Chapters Announcements
     Presentation of Grand Escorts
     New Business
     Farewell Remarks: Worthy Grand Patron - Worthy Grand Matron
     Retiring of Grand Officer Badges Special Ceremony
     Retiring of Emblems and Bible
Saturday PAGO Luncheon
(Open to Appointed Grand Officers, any Past Grand Officer from any jurisdiction and their guests) 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
6:00 pm 
Installation of 2023-24 Grand Officers 
Installation of 2023-2024 Grand Officers
Closing of 2023 Grand Chapter

October 29 - Post Session Leadership Meetings - Sunday
8:00 am 

Sunday Morning 
8:00 am - 9:00 am Membership and Marketing Board/Commitee Meeting (Holiay Inn Conference Room)
9:00 am until through Board of Grand Trustees Meeting (Holiday Inn Conference Room)
It is the sincere pleasure to invite OES members from around the world to join us for New Mexico hospitality. Many functions are for OES members only, but we do have several functions for non-OES members who are guests of OES members. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Sabrina Pack-Worthy Grand Matron and Robert Bradshaw-Worthy Grand Patron
Meet some of New Mexico OES!
Sabrina Pack
Worthy Grand matron
I personally invite you to the 120th Grand Chapter of New Mexico. You are invited to share in New Mexico southwestern hospitality!
Robert Bradshaw
Worthy grand patron
OES sisters and brothers are like family to me. That is why Masons and Star as so important to me. They are Family and Family is what matters.
Thomas Schenk
Grand master of masons in new mexico 2023-2024 --
Special speaker
Wednesday night "Informal Opening" Session will feature a special address by Most Worshipful Brother, Schenk.
Randy Geck, PGP
Past Grand Patron and Past National Commander-- special ceremonies presenter wednesday dinner
Wednesday evening Brother Randy will present a special ceremony in honor of veterans. He was a Lt. Col. in U.S.A.F. and served as National Commander #93 2022-23.
Wayne Walker, PGP
past grand Patron and Special Speaker Wednesday Dinner
Grand Chapter starts with a "Lantern Glow Fellowship and Patriotism Welcome Dinner" with Brother Wayne as a keynote speaker.
Marianne Shenefelt, Past Most Worthy Grand Matron
Past Most worthy Grand Matron
Friday Night "Treasured Memories Banquet" key note speaker will be Mrs. Marianne Shenefelt, the Jr. Most Worthy Grand Matron. Join us for a memorable evening, dressing up in costume from the late 1800's and enjoy fun and dancing with a live band.
Need Additional Information?  Dr. Sabrina Pack-Worthy Grand Matron ([email protected]); General Arrangements Co-Chairmen Cheryl Martin ([email protected]) and Tami James ([email protected]), and Diana Youngren, Grand Secretary ([email protected] 
Conference Location
Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center
3031 US Highway 180, next to Ace Hardware, Silver City, NM

Enjoy the beautiful mountains of Southwest New Mexico at the 120th Session of Grand Chapter in New Mexico.
Event at the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business and Conference Center’s 25,000 sq. ft. facility.

How to get to Silver City:
There are several options when planning your flight to Silver City.
Most will drive to Silver City, but there are some"air" options to get you close.

The closest International airports are:

El Paso, Texas-ELP (160 miles, 258 km) along with car rental.

Tucson, Arizona-TUS (210 miles, 338 km) along with a car rental.

Albuquerque, New Mexico-ABQ (250 miles, 403 km) along with a car rental.

Silver City has an airport (Grant County Airport). 30 miles from Confernce Center
Flights are to and from ABQ and to and from Phoenix.(Very Affordable) Advanced Air 575-386-6806. If you fly into Silver City, please reach out to General Arrangements Chairmen for consideration of transportation from airport to conference center, but this is challenging and RENTAL car is hghly recommended. Vehicles can be rented locally from Silver Rental 575-574-2350.
(There are no Ubers or Taxis in Silver City).
Lodging Options
Holiday Inn Express in Silver City – HOST HOTEL
OES Discounted Room Rate: $119.00 plus tax (normal rate $167.00 Limited block 
-- Reserve Early -- 
OES rooms must be booked by 10/7/23 and only while room availability lasts in OES block.
This hotel is the closest hotel to the conference center (across highway .4 mile)
You have to call to get the OES rate. 575-538-2525

Additional Lodging Options

LuLu Motel in Silver City

(Very nice, modernized Retro motel, not far from conference center .4 of a mile)
OES Discounted Room Rate:$55.00 plus tax (normal rate $85.00)
You have to call to get the OES rate. 575-574-7541

Other Hotel/Motel Options (listed in order of recommendatin)
Quality Inn (1.5 miles to conference center)
Bear Mountain Lodge (Very neat lodge with several rooms on the edge of Silver City and the Gila National Forest. 5.9 miles to conference center)
Palace Hotel (historic downtown Silver City, 2.8 miles to conference center )
Murray Hotel (historic downtown Silver City, 2.9 miles to conference center)
Copper Manor (recently completely remodeled, next to Denny's, 1.8 miles to conference center)
Bear Mountain Cabins (stay in the Gila, only 5.9 miles to conference center)
Motel 6 (1.8 miles to conference center)
Drifter Hotel (2.1 miles to conference center)
RV Options
Silver City KOA (3.6 miles to conference center)
Rose Valley RV Ranch (1.3 miles to conference center)
Special Announcements
 The following section provides additional highlights of the week.
For our Out-of-State Visitors -- Join us for a "Distinguished Guest Tour" 
Firday morning activity
 This year's distinguised guest tour is of downtown Silver City and includes the Silver City Museum, Billy the Kid cabin, and famous "Big Ditch."   There is no cost for this tour. Be sure to register for the event. Transportation is not available. Car pooling recommended if transportation is needed. Please let us know.
Treasured Memories Grand Banquet
Friday night event
You are invited to a Friday night celebration -- Step back in time, dress in late 1800's to early 1900's attire, and enjoy an evening of festivities. Brother Thomas Westhart will be serving as Master of Ceremonies. Special drawings, activities, amazing dinner, and live band and dancing! (Reservations/dinner meal ticket required to participate in evening's activities. Open to all).

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