Sick of chasing the diet trends?

Not sure what is true in nutrition anymore?

You're not alone! Come learn the evidence-based, science-backed principles of nutrition from EC Synkowski.

Stop changing your diet every month and instead learn what really matters for weight loss or aging healthy or maximizing your fitness.

You will walk away with an understanding of:

• How all diets work (and why they often fail);
• Which factors to focus on for your specific weight, health, and fitness goals;
• How genetics, aging, training, and lifestyle factors influence your results;
• The truth about supplements;
• A 3-week diet plan to implement the course material; and
• Access to live group coaching following the seminar.
CrossFit Roots
Date & Time
January 29, 2022
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Seminar Schedule
9:00 AM
The Why
Learn the 10 Principles of Nutrition that address the physiological, psychological, and environmental truths that shape our nutrition results. You will learn about calories, macronutrients, timing, quality, sustainability, validation, and optimization.

This will help you understand how all diets work and what factors drive weight, health, and fitness outcomes.
10:45 AM
The How
Learn a practical diet progression to put the "why" (knowledge) into practice. You'll learn the three steps to implement and evaluate how your food preferences and habits align with your goals.

With course registration, you'll also be able to join a live group coaching session to implement this progression following the seminar with EC's support.
12:00 - 1:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM
Group Practical 
Work through common questions of how to make the right day-to-day choices in a hands-on group practical format.
2:45 PM
Diet Individualization: Genetics, Hormones, Lifestyle, and Training
Once you've learned the basic nutrition principles, it's time to take a closer look at influential factors such as genetics, hormones, aging, and lifestyle (e.g., stress). Learn how and what you can control, and why day-to-day nutrition looks very different at the individual level. 
4:15 PM
Supplements, Q&A, & Close
This final session starts with a discussion about the most common supplements and evidence for (or against) use, and closes with an open Q&A with participants. The seminar will end by 5:30 pm.
"I wish I received this 11 years ago. She cuts through so much dieting information. The only danger of taking this course is that you may actually start thinking for yourself, stop following the latest fad, and never pay for another 
nutrition coach or dieting plan." 
- Brian L.  
Post-Seminar Diet Program
You can't just academically learn about nutrition; you have to implement everyday diet changes to see results. Follow the diet progression presented at the seminar for three weeks immediately following it. Seminar participants get access to a live group coaching platform to ask questions and get support from EC in real-time during these three weeks.

Arguably, this implementation is the most important part of the course. It is where individuals will learn what exactly needs to change in their diet to reach their goals. 
EC will use the MyFitnessPal app (premium edition) to instruct this portion of the course. This is an additional fee direct to MyFitnessPal (~$10), unless you choose to track your data manually. 
Who is this course for?
The seminar focuses on understanding how to apply the scientific evidence for the most effective solutions to improve one's weight, health, or fitness. It is for the individual – of any age – who wants to make sense of all the nutrition information in the mainstream and reduce it to the essential and evidence-based practices. This course is for the individual who wants to learn their forever diet plan and no longer be influenced by the ever-changing trends and junk science.

It is also for those that are otherwise healthy (i.e., it's not medical nutrition therapy). You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. 
"I'm so glad I decided to make the investment in myself by taking this course! It gives me concrete numbers that I'm learning how to implement and adjust. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 
- Katrina F.
About Your Instructor
EC Synkowski runs OptimizeMe Nutrition, a company dedicated to making nutrition easy through B2B/B2C education programs. The mission of OptimizeMe Nutrition is to provide solutions for anyone to improve their weight, health, and overall wellbeing through sustainable diet methods. Thousands have used her #800gChallenge®, a diet free of restrictive rules, to eat healthily and have reported weight loss, increased energy, improved performance, and more!

She has extensive education in the life sciences with a BS in biochemical engineering, a first MS in environmental sciences (with a focus in genetics), a second MS in Nutrition & Functional Medicine, and is a Certified Nutrition Specialist® and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (Maryland). EC has also holds the Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach (CF-L4) credential. She worked as a Program Manager for CrossFit® authoring their course and certification materials. She has accumulated more than 600 hours of public speaking teaching fitness and nutrition all over the world and has a popular weekly podcast called The Consistency Project.

With more than 20 years of experience and academic training, EC seamlessly translates the evidence-based scientific data into practical solutions for everyday success.
 Join us on January 29 
*Snow date: Sunday, Jan 30*
It's time to stop spinning your nutrition wheels.

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