Join us on February 10/11/12/13, 2022
Accredited media, buyers and industry personnel are invited to register for New York Fashion Week x The SOCIETY.

Registration includes:
  • Designation as an official delegate
  • Inclusion on the delegate list provided to participating designers
  • Access to official event imagery for editorial use
  • Access to the event venue at Angel Oresanz Foundation

FAQs for Members of the Press
Q. Who can apply for Press Accreditation to cover NYFW x The SOCIETY?
A. People who either work or freelance for bona fide media outlets can apply. This includes photographers, videographers, editors and bloggers. Preference is given to members of the press who regularly cover similar events and can show tearsheets of their work. Portrait, wedding and portfolio photographers are not considered to be press unless they have been assigned to shoot for a bona fide media outlet. We especially look for press that have over 5,000 followers on social media.

Q. If I submit an application, will I be on the press list?
A. All press accreditation applications for fashion week are reviewed and if approved, will receive an email invitation verifying the shows you RSVP’d, as well as venue directions to retrieve your press pass. Only people with press passes will be on the press list.

Q. Are press passes valid for all shows and parties?
A. Press passes are valid for access to cover fashion shows and related activities that you RSVP'd at time of registration based upon approval. Your approval email will outline each event you have access for.

Q. How many people can be accredited from each press organization?
A. Maximum 4. Each person must submit an application.

Q. What is the criteria to be approved?
A. The criteria to be approved for fashion week press accreditation is a minimum 5,000 followers or subscribers on social media, valid website and/or social media URLs, coverage of fashion, lifestyle or related topics. Otherwise, we must have an employment letter with contact to verify.

Individuals or organizations with article or publication opportunities are reserved for first approvals.

For additional questions, please review our 'Press' section within our 'Help Center'.
Help Center

Angel Oresanz Foundation
172 Norfolk St, New York, NY 10002
Date & Time
February 10/11/12/13

February 10, 2022
-Kick-Off: 7:00PM

February 11, 2022
-Show: 6:00PM
-Show: 8:30PM

February 12, 2022
-Show: 12:00PM
-Show: 2:30PM
-Show: 5:30PM
-Show: 8:30PM

February 13, 2022
-Show: 12:00PM
-Show: 2:30PM
-Show: 5:30PM
 Join us on February 10/11/12/13
We look forward to hosting you!

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