Moving Ohio Forward is a first-of-its-kind online convening of Ohio's sustainable transportation advocates and professionals. Join us and help build a safer, greener, more just mobility future for the Buckeye State.

Date & Time
January 14, 2021,
9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
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Final Schedule
9:30-10:45 AM

Vision Zero in Ohio
What's an acceptable number of traffic deaths? More cities are saying the answer is zero. Leaders from Ohio's first vision zero cities discuss the opportunities for and obstacles to progress.

MODERATOR: Pat LaFluer, WCPO Cincinnati

Ashley Shaw, Vision Zero Cleveland
Maria Cantrell, City of Columbus
Derek Bauman, Cincinnati Vision Zero Task Force
11-12:15 AM
The Future of Transit in the Buckeye State
These are tough times for transit. But local advocates are still eeking out wins for riders. Learn about some of the state's most bold and innovative measures.

MODERATOR: Marvin Ranaldson, Nelson Nygaard

Cam Hardy, Better Bus Coalition (Cincinnati)
Marc Conte, Capital Crossroads (Columbus)
Justin Goodwin, City of Columbus
Laura Koprowski, Chief Communications & Customer Experience Officer,
                               TARTA (Toledo)
12:30-1:30 PM
Lunchtime Speaker Amy Cohen
After Amy Cohen lost her 12-year-old son to a reckless driver, she started a movement to empower the families of victims and make streets safer. The group she founded, Families for Safe Streets, now has chapters in 10 states. 
2–3:15 PM
Transportation Equity
Ohio's cities, and suburbs, are deeply unequal, with Black and brown communities suffering disinvestment, poor job access and a host of environmental harms. Panelists offer a vision for how better transportation can further justice and redress.

MODERATOR: Marvin Brown, IV, Earth Justice

Aparna Bole, Pediatrician/Public Health Advocate, Rainbow Babies Children's
Aslyne Rodriguez, COTA
Justin Bibb, GCRTA Board Member
Roberta Duarte, 25Connects
3:30-4:45 PM
Job Access and Land Use
Ohio cities have some of the worst "spatial mismatch" between jobs and low-income workers in the nation, stretching transit agencies and putting work out of reach for many people. This panel introduces some innovative strategies Ohio cities are using to address the problem.

MODERATOR: Dominic Mathew, Fund for Our Economic Future

Jess Wallace, Downtown Cleveland Residents, Disability Activist
Kerstin Carr, Director of Planning and Sustainability, MORPC
Jason Segedy, Director of Planning and Urban Development, City of Akron
Jason Warner, Greater Ohio
5-5:30 pM
Winning Funding for Sustainable Transportation
Sustainable transportation advocates are gearing up for a high-stakes budget fight in early 2021. Leaders from the Move Ohio Coalition, that last year won an additional $30 million for transit, offer a quick overview what's ahead and how you can help.

-Amanda Woodrum, Policy Matters Ohio, Move Ohio Coalition
-State Sen. Tina Maharath, Assistant Minority Whip (D-Canal Winchester)
-William Tarter, Jr., Center for Community Solutions
5:30-6:30 PM
Happy Hour Collaborative Statewide Strategy Session
Attendees enter breakout rooms a facilitation discussion on the following topics:

-Rail Transport
-Job Access

Each group will develop a set of goals/wishes/demands for each category. Those will be compiled by organizers into a statewide 2021 sustainable transportation agenda that will inform the 2021 Move Ohio Budget push.
Thank you to our sponsors!
Join us on January 14
Be part of progress
Planning Committee: 
Corona has changed our lives dramatically in 2020. At the same time, the rise of videoconferencing has made convening people across distances easier. A group of sustainable transportation advocates (listed below) thought it presented an opportunity to do something that's been difficult in the past: convene sustainable transportation advocates from across the state. That's how the idea for this conference began. 

Angie Schmitt, 3MPH Planning + Consulting (hosting sponsor)
Ashley Shaw, Ohio City Inc., Vision Zero Cleveland
Joshua Lapp, Transit Columbus
Stu Nicholson, All Aboard Ohio (sponsor)
Mandy Metcalf, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Matt Butler, Devou Good Foundation (sponsor)
Dana Dunbar
Marvin Brown, IV
Jess Wallace, Downtown Cleveland Residents
Justin Mondok, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments

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