Come meet other Oracle Cloud Apps & Tech users in the Indiana area, as well as across the midwestern USA. Just like OpenWorld, we will have a partner pavilion, a general session and individual breakout rooms.

"The only OpenWorld in the world is in Indianapolis!"
Victory Field
501 W. Maryland St. Indianapolis, IN
Date & Time
October 19, 2021, 8:30 AM - 4:15 PM
7:30- 8:30AM
Partner Pavilion 
Come and have a cup of Joe and continental breakfast on us as you meet over a dozen top tiered partners in the Partner Pavilion. Whether you are looking for specific information on a project you are involved in, some ideas, or just a business contact to call at a later date, you will find it at the Partner Pavilion. Our partner sponsors are: Trinamix, Inspirage, Alithya, Kalypso & Avata, Cognizant, Recvue, Birlasoft, PAAS Advisors, USDM, Oracle Consulting, Apps Associates, ArganoInterrel, CSS, Evosys, Redwood Logistics, Advisex, Deloitte Consulting, KPMG
8:30- 12:00pM
General Session 
Kickoff & Welcome – Learn what's in store for the day...and get some SWAG!

Indiana Innovation Stories - Six local companies will present their experience as to how they transformed their business using the Oracle Cloud. Hear their stories and then go find them and connect with them throughout the day!

* Chad Kelley, Corp. Controller, Irving Materials, Finance In the Cloud - EPM & ERP
* Robert Janek, VP & CIO, CTB, Inc. (division of Berkshire Hathaway) - On Premise ERP to ERP Cloud
* Burt O'Neil, VP SCM, Roark Capital (private equity with dozen+ firms including Dunkin' Donuts)- Transforming Across the Enterprise
* Sarah Betadam Sr. VP and CIO, Novanta- Novanta’s Digital Transformation

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER One Step at a Time, Jhaqueil Reagan - Meet and listen to a real world hero who is continuing to live an amazing story. Get motivated to be the best you can be by listening to this young man's experience and lessons. If you are not inspired to turn it up and take it to the limit after this session, you are catatonic.

KEYNOTE I How to Compete and Win in Today's World with Oracle Cloud  – Juergen Lindner, SVP Global Marketing Leader - Learn how Oracle is building apps and tech in the Cloud for agility and responsiveness in these crazy times. See the future, and the future is now!

KEYNOTE II Transform for the New Century,  John Dzelme, Dir. Manufacturing IT, Cook Medical is a multi-billion dollar global manufacturer in the medical device space. See how they transformed from a legacy ERP system to one offering speed and response. You will hear the good, the better, and the best. OK, maybe there were a few bumps along the way, but listen to how they did it.

The Judgment of Indianapolis – Bordeaux vs. Napa Wine Tasting - A certified level II sommelier will discuss how you taste wine, discuss what happened at the Judgment of Paris in 1978, and let YOU decide...France or California. Be sure to get your taste buds warmed up because there is more wine to drink at the end of the day.
12:00- 12:30 pM
1:00- 4:15 PM
Individual BREAKOUT Sessions 
Find a breakout session that aligns with your interests. Sessions covering ERP, EPM, SCM, Logistics, Technology and more will be available. See the cloud service live, and talk to people using these tools now.

* Integrated Business Planning and Execution in the Life Sciences Industry
* Finance In the Cloud : EPM & ERP
* Aligning Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain through Integrated Business Planning
* On premise ERP to Cloud
* Post Pandemic: What supply chains learned, impacts of economic nationalism and key focus areas moving forward
* The Art of Negotiation
* How Birlasoft supported a large Global Enterprise to accelerate product launches through Oracle Cloud
* Journey to the Cloud: Real World Stories of Digital Transformation
* Enabling Digital Product Realization with Oracle Cloud
* RAT and the 19c upgrade with Real application Test
* HCM in the Cloud
* Oracle Consulting SOAR Program to Move to the Cloud.

Financial Consolidation & Close, Enterprise Planning & Budgeting, Master Data Mgmt using EDMCS, Logistics & Warehousing, Plan to Make, Procure to Receive, Order to Ship, Security & Enterprise Management, New Product Introductions, Emerging Technology, Human Capital Management


4:15- 5:45PM
FUN, FUN, FUN for spouses, kids, and FRIENDS of kids...
You don't have to drive a T-Bird to have fun with your spouse or kids at Innovation Day Indy. Choose from the following activities. BTW, your kid's friends are invited, too! 

FUN 1 - On Field Batting Experience - Step up to the batting cage and let 'er rip! Every kid wants to bat in a real big league (OK Triple A) stadium and here is your chance. You can also shag balls and throw the ball around. Be sure to bring your glove!

FUN 2 - Bob Ross Painting Experience - You will be amazed at your inner talent! Bob Ross and a professional artist will walk you through this acrylic on canvas workshop to create a priceless work of art that will be passed down through generations.

FUN 3 - Wine Tasting - You had a sip earlier, now you can really taste all the wine you want. Note that you can mix the wine with the Bob Ross Painting experience above, too. 

Join us on October 19
We look forward to hosting you!

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