How did industry leaders reshape their organizations in the face of an unprecedented pandemic?  
Find out from top human capital executives in majorly impacted industries
The COVID-19 pandemic required global organizations to significantly adapt their ways of working to function within an entirely virtual environment. Certain companies were also directly impacted by the pandemic's effect on our way of life: health services, groceries, and video chatting were more essential than ever while sports attendance waned. This webinar offers top executives from the aforementioned industries a chance to share their secret to unexpected, rapid adaptation. Join us to hear how they changed their outlook in 2020 and to ask questions about their transformational experience. 
Organizational Transformation is a virtual webinar which will take place over Zoom. Click RSVP above to reserve your spot.
Date & Time
May 14, 2021, from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST
We are grateful to our panelists for sharing their time with us, and we
are excited to hear about their valuable insights! Check out their bios below.
Jodi Rabinowitz
Head of talent & Org Development
Mike Theilmann
EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
Steve Schloss
Chief People Officer
Tom Bigda-Peyton
Chief Learning Officer
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The Institute for Contemporary Leadership is an applied-research learning center and innovation lab whose mission is to enable senior leaders to make a step change in their leadership and have a greater impact in their organizations and beyond.
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CorpU grows leaders who grow companies that change the world. Specializing in science-based virtual learning, they encourage dialogue and harness the collective genius of teams. Their methods provide businesses with effective leadership programs that inspire managers and employees to grow collectively.
Entromy is a next generation assessment platform that enables executives to rapidly understand organizational network dynamics through collaborative surveys delivering nuanced insights. Their technology significantly reduces the time and resource requirements to complete comprehensive organizational assessments and provides more in-depth insights than traditional survey platforms.
|      1:00 pm
Steve Garcia, Managing Partner at Contemporary Leadership Advisors, introduces the webinar topic, panelists, and sponsor organizations.
|      1:05 pm
Panel: Organizational Transformation
Four human capital executives speak on their experiences transforming organizational priorities & operations during the pandemic.
|      1:50 pm
The floor is opened to audience members for questions.
|      2:00 pm
Steve Garcia concludes the event and shares information about upcoming initiatives from the Institute for Contemporary Leadership.
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2021 Contemporary Leadership Awards
The Contemporary Leadership Awards recognize outstanding leadership across private enterprises and non-profit organizations. The awards celebrate individual leaders' exemplary impact on their organizations and communities and raise awareness of the leadership capabilities needed to thrive in today's more-complex, faster-paced environment.

The form to nominate leaders is coming soon. Stay tuned for communications from ICL about the nomination process!
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