Oslo Dialogue on Democracy
Oslo Dialogue on Democracy is a three-day seminar for first-year master students from universities in Norway and Sweden studying Peace & Conflict, International Relations or Human Rights. This year, students from Uppsala University, University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and University of South-Eastern Norway are invited to join the seminar.

Oslo Dialogue is organized by Voksenåsen - Center for Swedish-Norwegian Cooperation. The seminar takes place at Voksenåsen hotel in Oslo on December 12th-14th (Uppsala students will arrive by bus on December 11th).

The program will include workshops, discussions, relevant guests and interaction among the students. The objectives of the seminar is to:

  • Create a platform for professional networking and development for students aspiring a career within the fields of peace work, democracy building, diplomacy or human rights advocacy

  • Act as a complement to the theory and literature students gain through their studies

  • Provide the students with a broader insight and approach to the fields in focus, as well as valuable insight into career opportunities

  • Challenge, inspire and encourage 

How to join Oslo Dialogue 2022?
Click "Apply here" and fill out the application form. Deadline is November 7th.

NB! Oslo Dialogue is limited to 50 students. We strive for a balance between students from Uppsala University and the participating Norwegian universities, as well as a diverse group of participants in general. Applicants who do not receive a spot will be placed on a waiting list. 

What does it cost?
The seminar is financed by Regeringskanseliet, the Swedish Embassy in Oslo, Olof Palmes minnesfond, svensk-norska samarbetsfonden and Voksenåsen. Participants pay a small fee (500 NOK), which will cover all meals and accomodation at Voksenåsen hotel.
Voksenåsen Hotel, Oslo, Norway
Date & Time
December 12th - 14th 
"The three day program was likely more helpful toward my degree than many of my classes thus far" 

"I liked the interactive elements very much"

"I met and established networks with people from all over the world. I miss the place already"
- Oslo Dialogue participants 2021
 Join us on December 12!
We look forward to hosting you!
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