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vCards are virtual business cards used in computer world to store and save contacts complete information like name, address, phone number, email ID, website, job profile, company status etc. Being a standard file format, these vCards are recognized by all applications and devices like Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, iPods, iPads, iPhones, mobiles etc.
MS Outlook is a lot more than a simple email application and contact storage application. It's a complete package, that other than exchanging emails and contacts, provides every facility to its users at one place like it allows users to synchronize their calendars, schedule meetings and appointments, make notes of important points, prepare journal entries, maintain tasks and to do lists and many more.
Import vCard to Outlook ~ How to
Sometimes we think that the option we get within the application is the safest choice for accomplishing the task. But this is not true; take the case of MS Outlook.
There is no doubt that Outlook is the best application designed for users support, but when it comes to importing vCard contacts to Outlook, it provides many troubles like:
  • It supports to import only single vCard at a time. It provides no option to select multiple vCards at one go.
  • When importing multiple entry vCard, it imports only the first entry from it and doesn't bother to import the following entries.
Considering the above flaws of Outlook's default option, we can say that being one of the best applications, Outlook is still not the viable option for performing the vCard files to Outlook Import process. So to efficiently import vCard contacts to Outlook, opting for third party utility is the safest and perfect alternative.
Import vCard to Outlook with vCard Import Tool
vCard Importer is one of the best third party tools that helps users import VCF to Outlook contacts by successfully overcoming all the flaws and errors of MS Outlook.
Designed by incorporating many advanced features, the vCard to Outlook Import tool is becoming the favorite amongst all users as the best vCard Import to Outlook tool. First of all, it provides simple and easy GUI to users' aid, i.e., users' need not go for any kind of technical training as it provides easy to follow instructions to complete the vCard to Outlook Import process.
Another major advantage of using vCard to Outlook Import tool is that it supports batch import process to batch import vCard to Outlook in instant mouse clicks. The software also provides users with the option to effectively import multiple entry vCard contacts to Outlook without loss of any contact details. Thus, the vCard Importer software supports to:
  • Import unlimited vCards to Outlook in batch mode.
  • Import single entry VCF to Outlook.
  • Import multiple entry vCards to PST Outlook.
Taking into account the facilities and features provided, vCard Importer tool can be referred to as the best tool that helps users forget all their problems and successfully & efficiently import vCard to Outlook.

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