The Ohio Valley Unified Malacologists (OVUM) is an annual one-day meeting founded by Francisco Borrero and Tim Pearce in 1997. There are no dues, officers, abstracts, bylaws or publications. It provides a friendly inexpensive forum for professional and amateur students of mollusks to share with each other their results and ideas.  Participants are encouraged to present their science, but active listening and insightful questions are extremely valuable, too. Posters are also welcome. Giving a presentation or a poster are not requisites for attending.
University of Saint Francis
2701 Spring St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808


Virtual Meeting

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Date & Time
October 17, 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Featured Speakers
Although we are expecting many excellent oral presentations, this year’s featured speakers have been specially invited to share their recent exciting observations about mollusks
Dr. Yurena Yanes
Dr. Timothy Pearce
Curator of Collections & Head, Section of Mollusks, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburg
Full Schedule
8:00 AM
Gathering in-person and online

9:00 AM
Welcome - Warren Pryor

9:15 AM
Tim Pearce (invited speaker)

10:00 AM
Yurena Yanes (invited speaker)
10:45 aM
11:00 AM
Adelyn Gerber (University of Saint Francis)
11:15 AM
Francisco Borrero (USDA Malacology Lab)
11:30 aM
Aydin Orstan (Independent Malacologist)
11:45 aM
Ezekiel King Phillips (University of Cincinnati)
12:00 PM
William Reed Sanchez (University of Cincinnati)
12:15 PM
12:30 PM
Jacklyn Manker (Wright State, Dayton)
12:45 PM
Jeremy Tiemann (Illinois Natural History Survey)
1:00 PM
Business Meeting (where will OVUM be in 2021?)
 Join us on October 17, 2020 
We look forward to hosting you!
OVUM is patterned after similar meetings such as the Bay Area Malacologists (BAM) (started 1971 by Gene Coan), the Southern California United Malacologists (SCUM) (1997 by George Kennedy), Mid-Atlantic Malacologists (MAM) (1998 by Tim Pearce), and the Florida Unified Malacologists (FUM) (2009 by José Leal).

Past Meetings:

  1. 2007 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA
  2. 2008 Cincinnati Museum Center’s Geier and Collections Research Center, Cincinnati, OH
  3. 2009 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA
  4. 2010 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 
  5. 2011 Thomas More College Center for Ohio River Research & Education, California, KY
  6. 2012 University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN
  7. 2013 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  8. 2014 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  9. 2015 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA
  10. 2016 Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont, KY
  11. 2017 University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN
  12. 2018 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA
  13. 2019 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Meeting Organizers
Warren Pryor
[email protected]
(260) 399-7700; 8212
Ashley Robinson
Student coordinator 
Forensic Chemistry Major
Veronica Servin
Student Coordinator 
Biology Major
Michael Bechill
Digital press and media coordinator
 [email protected]
(260) 399-7700; 8208
University of Saint Francis
Achatz Hall of Science 
2701 Spring St

Fort Wayne, IN 46808

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Free visitor parking is located directly in front of the main entrance to the building. 

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