Welcome to Partner Software's Virtual Summer Training! 

You have spoken up and we have listened. This summer we will be focusing our three-day training on the topics that mean the most to you!

We will be offering THREE main tracks - Field Design, Inspection Products, and our newest track for System Administrators. See below for more details and a schedule. Register today to save with our Early Bird Pricing!

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR- Calling all system admins, we have carefully planned out three days of training for you that will cover a variety of topics to optimize your time with us. Whether you are new to this position or a seasoned Partner user, these classes will ensure that you are getting the most out of the software and you will empower you to tackle the difficult issues that may arise within your system.

Topics will include:

Understanding Users and Groups
Modifications for Staking
Workflow Driven Adjustments
Managing Job Data within Partner

FIELD DESIGN -  You know him and you love him, Nate Armstrong will be back teaching three full days of training in Field Design. Things are really heating up this summer and you won’t want to miss what Nate has planned. Join in to gain valuable training, discuss how your team incorporates GPS data, and work through your complex staking scenarios. New to your utility, or Partner? No worries, join us and say hello to Nate, ask your questions, and bring your ideas. We will be reviewing the basics as well as new tips and tricks and the newest features in our 4.30 Hub upgrade.

Topics will include:
Navigating the Map Viewer
System Modifications
Incorporating GPS
4.30 Hub upgrade integrations

INSPECTION PRODUCTS - If you have been on the fence about purchasing any of our Inspection Products, this is the track for you. Do you need to better plan work for your Vegetation Management crews? Need to organize your RUS inspection cycles? Worried about potential damage during the upcoming hurricane season? Join us to learn more about how our software can help you with all your inspection needs. We have been working diligently to make our software even better for you when you need it most.

Join us and learn why Damage Assessment will be your number one tool when it comes to reporting and even creating a case for FEMA. After any type of storm or catastrophe, the last thing you need to be worrying about is "where that paper report is". We can help. Join us to find out how.

Join us for this and stay for Vegetation Management and Distribution Inspection. Both of which have become invaluable to the Partner tool belt. James will dive in and help solve your issues, making this a very personalized three days of training. Bring your questions, your ideas, and new ways you are using these products. James is happy to help and wants you to get the most out of these products.

So, how can we help?

Date & Time
June 28 - 30
9 AM - 4 PM  EST
MOnday June 28 
 9 - 4 pM
System Administration
System Basics - Welcome to the first day of System Admin Training! Today we will be focusing on the basics which is perfect for a refresher or if you are new to Partner. In today's session we will be covering components of Partner Web, understanding users and groups, and beginning with queries. Please bring your questions and ideas to this session, all discussion is welcome! 

 9 - 4 pM
Field Design
Setting the Foundation - Let's get this training started! On the first day of Field Design Training Nate will be catching everyone up and reviewing some basics. New tips and tricks will surely be talked about as well as navigating the Map Viewer, setting preferences, and understanding the Basics of Staking! Bonus points if you bring new ideas or your own tips and tricks to today's session. 
 9 - 4 pM
Inspection Products - Distribution Inspection
James will be going over the many uses of Distribution Inspection including best practices, collecting data, and much more. Bring your questions and let's personalize this session for you! Find out how fellow attendees are using DI at their offices or come to find out if this is the right product for you! 
Tuesday June 29
9 - 4 PM
System Administration
Daily Operations - Here we go! Day two things really start to heat up, today we will be covering an array of topics including job management review, modifications to staking, workflow-driven adjustments, and more! You know Partner and are in the system day after day, so bring your tips and tricks to share, and let's discuss what works best for you! 
9 - 4 PM
Field Design
Getting the Work Done - Let's get to work! Today Nate will discuss how to handle retirements within Field Design (not your office, although we suggest cake!), reconductoring and system modifications, and how to provide additional information from the field. We know you might be distracted with ordering your fireworks for the 4th, but that can wait until Thursday, at least! Join us and bring your own questions and scenarios so the group can learn from each other as well as the great Nate. 
9 - 4 PM
Inspection Products - Vegetation Management
Day two of Inspection Products will cover Vegetation Management. Our sweet-sounding Australian will help you to discover the many ways that this product can help you with your day-to-day jobs in the field. Spraying, cuttings, scheduling, and collecting data are just a few. This product has become so much more. Come find out how and if this is the newest addition you need to your Partner tool belt! 
Wednesday June 30
9 - 4 PM
System Administration
The Big Picture - On the last day take a breath and know that the long holiday weekend is almost here! Now sit back and enjoy this third day of training that will cover integrations and how they impact using Partner, managing data with Partner, and supporting your Partner system - How we can help! Thank you for joining us this whole week! We hope after leaving this session you will have a better idea of "The Big Picture"! 
9 - 4 PM
Field Design
High-Level Functionality - Buckle up, things are getting more advanced as we enter the third and final day of Field Design Training! This is the track for you if you are interested in learning more and discussing how GPS integrations work with your system, have any complex design scenarios you want to work through, or want to learn more about new features within the 4.30 Hub upgrade. Seriously. Tell us (and the fellow attendees) your complex or even strange scenarios. Let's put into practice what Nate has been teaching so you can walk away from this week of training knowing you have a better understanding of what all you can do with Field Design!
9 - 4 PM
Inspection Products - Damage Assessment
Damage Assessment - Have you ever written something down and then lost it? What if that paper that you lost was worth thousands, maybe millions of dollars? Reporting and collecting data, especially after a storm needs to be easy and customizable. It needs to be quick and organized. Something you can give to your boss or use when putting together a case for FEMA. Damage Assessment helps you do all of this in one easy location. Join James to learn more about data collection, reporting and queries, and why Damage Assessment could save you millions! 
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