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Spring Training
March 23 - 25
Partner Software 2021 Spring Training 
Partner Software wants to invite you to our 2021 Virtual Spring Training.

This three-day virtual training event will consist of multiple tracks ranging from Distribution Inspection to Field Design. We will be focusing on new features within the Partner 4.30 Hub upgrade; including Staker Tools, Map Notes, Global Map View, and more. Join us as we train on the functionality of these within the three main tracks - Field Design, Map Publisher, and Inspection Products.

New to your position or a first-time user? This three-day training is perfect for you and your team! Our instructors are here to ensure you get the most out of Partner while also making sure you know all the time-saving tips and tricks that will help make your job easier!

Bring your questions, your insights, and your own Partner Software tips to this three-day virtual training event.

Date & Time
March 23 - 25
9 AM - 4 PM EST

3 Day Registration - $2250
2 Day Registration - $1500
1 Day Registration - $750

*Registering more than 4 people for training?
Email [email protected] or
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Field Design I

Map Publisher Fundamentals

Distribution Inspection
Field Design II

Map Publisher Fundamentals

Damage Assessment

Advanced Field Design 

Advanced Map Publisher

Vegetation Management

Tuesday: Field Design I - We will focus our attention on the basics along with the core functionality within Field Design.

Wednesday: Field Design II - With our second day of Field Design Training we will turn our attention towards real-world staking scenarios and day to day usage. Features such as design templates and adding multiple locations will be highlighted, as well as other tips and tricks aimed at instructing end users how to stake like a pro.

Thursday: Advanced Field Design - On our final day, we will work through more complicated designs and situations aimed at solving some of the more intricate situations that can be encountered. We will also cover new features now available with the release of our 4.30 upgrade, including Staker Tools and File Fetch. This session will be packed with information, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Class requirements: On Thursday's session we invite all attendees to submit any special requests or challenges they would like to have addressed during this session prior to attending.


Tuesday & Wednesday: Map Publisher Fundamentals - Given the power and complexity of working with the Map Publisher, we will be focusing the first two days on the core ideas and principles that govern working with it successfully. Topics to be covered on the first two days will range from basic Map Publisher Workbench navigation and mapset creation to merging data and Map Publisher maintenance. Whether you are new to working with the Map Publisher, or if you work with it on a regular basis, these sessions will surely enrich your level of understanding of how to create better maps in the future.

Thursday: Advanced Map Publisher - After spending some time revisiting the basics, attendees will now be tasked with putting those skills to the test. Today we will turn to the real-world scenarios, questions, and exercises that each attendee is facing. This will open the floor for everyone to share ideas, tips, and tricks to solve these challenging issues.

**Attendance to the Map Publisher Fundamentals classes are prerequisites for this course. **

Class requirements: For Thursday's session - please have a copy of your utility's current Map Publisher along with 3 utility-desired changes to the Map Publisher.

Tuesday:  Distribution Inspection - During this session, attendees will be trained on the best use practices in the software, adaptable to virtually any workflow scenario. We will focus attention on both desktop and iOS iterations of the software, covering the features and advantages of both, with attention placed on speed and ease of use. Time will also be spent on managing and reporting on the data gathered by working with the Filter Table. Join us to learn how Distribution Inspection can help you to manage your assets with ease.

Wednesday: Damage Assessment - When dealing with major storm events, from ice storms to hurricanes and tornadoes, assessing the damage, tracking the repairs, and submitting requests for financial aid can prove to be daunting and stressful. With Partner's Damage Assessment, we make it possible to handle all of these tasks. During this class, we will share how we can help with capturing that information, as well as producing reports that will provide FEMA as well as others within your organization the information they require to have a clear understanding of the work that has been completed.

Thursday: Vegetation Management - Vegetation Management allows your utility to track various cycles such as maintaining growth trends per feeder, spot removals for problem vegetation, and tracking chemical spraying. During this session, we will focus on the various methods on how to gather this data, as well as how to utilize the tools that are available and manage the crews that are getting the work done. Whether you are handling vegetation management internally or utilizing independent contractors, we invite you to join this session so we can show you how to get the job done right.
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