Paws Outdoors Chaos Camp 

Join us 6th Oct for Chaos Camp!
This October join us for an action packed weekend at Cataract Activity Centre!
Our new larger site offers a raft of exciting activities provided by the Activity Centre.
Bunk accomodation option is now also available for a simpler experience.

Paws Outdoors has teamed up with FLOOF DOOF to bring live DJ sets every night!

Your rego includes camping site fees, food catering and basic activities including DJ sets.

Check out below for more information including our packing list below for all the essentials

you need to bring.

Cataract Activity Centre
Baden Powell Dr 
Appin NSW 2560
Date & Time
October 6, 2023 - 
October 8, 2023
Cataract Activity Centre - Baden Powell Dr, Appin NSW 2560 

We have a New Location!

After months of research and deliberating we have gained access to a new site to host Paws Outdoors with even more things to do! This camp we have both camping and bunk beds for campers to use along with a set of activities run by the centre as well!

There are so many things to be found at our new site! There will be 3 Activities run by Cataract including Archery, Caving, and Challenge Valley a 1.5km Mud Obstacle Course! which can be purchased in addition to your Rego.
There is also some amazing walking tracks, an Australiana Village to explore, and many other interesting things to do!

Cataract Activity Centre is located just 50 minutes south of Sydney, 20 minutes south of Campbelltown and 30 minutes west of Wollongong, near the historic town of Appin. 
Schedule - WIP
10:00 AM
Muster Point Meet Up - McDonalds Campbelltown
Initial meetup/brunch at Campbelltown McDonalds (312 Queen Street - not in the Mall) for people heading from Sydney who want to convoy drive to the camp site.
11:00 aM 
Arrival and Set Up
Sign in and setup. Check in at the main space on arrival and collect your rego welcome pack and camp badge.  
Set up your tents/equipment. Some nibbles and afternoon tea will be provided in the kitchen.
My First Paws  
What to expect for your first Paws Outdoors or first time camping. Stick around for the Ice Breakers and get to know other first time campers!
More Details Coming Soon
5:00 PM
Welcome to Camp Dinner
Meet your Paws Outdoors Team as we welcome you to camp, followed by dinner.
7:00 PM
Delicious Trivia
Sink your teeth into dessert as we start up our trivia!
8:00 PM
Live DJ
45 minute sets of some amazing artists! Check out our DJ Lineup below for more information!
8:00 AM
Cataract Activity One - Archery
Channel your inner Katniss or Hawkeye and learn and hone your archery skills. We will teach you how to use our very real recurve bows and arrows in a variety of target practice and games.
10:30 Am
Intro to Log Splitting
Join Theta for an Introduction to Log Splitting. Learn how to safely hop, split, and cut wood that will then be used for our fire pit.
12:00 PM
Cataract Activity Two - Caving
Work your way through a mix of natural and man-made maze of caves with tight squeezes and crawl-throughs. With little to no natural light, this activity requires extra communication skills. Bring a torch, old clothes and shoes to dive into your caving adventure! This activity has a varying level of challenge with a large cave and alternate access to allow all comfort levels to be involved.
Must be physically able to crawl for short periods of times.
Cataract Activity Three - Challenge Valley Mud Course
Test your strength and endurance in this "tough mudder" style obstacle course!
Challenge Valley features 14 different elements ranging from obstacle climbing to tunnel crawling to water holes and mud pits, all dotted along a 1.5-kilometre track.
Each obstacle is designed to challenge you physically, and mentally! Make sure you bring old clothes and shoes to wear for this one.
You will not stay clean or dry, but you are guaranteed heaps of laughs and an experience to remember!
Must be physically able to walk on uneven terrain.

6:00 PM
8 PM
Live DJ
45 minute sets of some amazing artists! Along with an opening show of live metal band - When Snakes Sing!
Check out our DJ Lineup below for more information!
8 AM
12 pM
1 pM
Camp Photoshoot
Just before the Closing Ceremony come join us for the Camp Photoshoot! Suiters and Non-Suiters are both welcome!
2 pM
Closing words and pack up
Closing Ceremony Pack up and Leave. Thank you for Coming!
DJ LINE-UP FOR Chaos Camp 
In Collaboration with FLOOF DOOF, we are proud to announce the below line up of DJ's for Paws Outdoors Chaos Camp. Also Check out the FLOOF DOOF Website below for other great events happening!

Check out the DJ Playlist below to see what awaits you!

Friday Night Lineup
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Pistol Pup
Tech and Bass House
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Hailey Fennec
Drum and Bass
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Saturday Night 
When Snakes Sing
Live Metal Band
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Balen Bull
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Rock Fox
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Hard Dance
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Meet The Team
Meet the Team that brings you Paws Outdoors Chaos Camp! we hope you have an amazing time!

This time round, Paws Outdoors has teamed up with Johari from Floof Doof to bring you a Pawesome Night Time Experience!
Kai Adin
Packing List
Your Paws Outdoors registration includes: Meals (as scheduled, see above), tea and coffee, drinking water, amenities (toilets, showers), dishwashing supplies.

You will need:
- Tent (If you are Camping)
- Sleeping bag, pillow, bedding, inflatable mattress
- Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer)
- Towel
- Tableware (cutlery, plate, cup)
- Water bottle
- Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent
- Camping chair
- Old Clothes that can get muddy for Challenge Valley

- Drinks & snacks
- Torch
- Swimmers
- Esky / drink cooler
- Portable battery / power bank

Do not bring: 
- Weapons, knives, archery bows - Unless approved by an admin
- Unregistered guests -
For safety and insurance, all guests must be registered on arrival at Paws Outdoors
- Drama and neggy vibes! -
We want Paws Outdoors to be a safe and welcoming space for everyone in our community to be themselves.

We want you to have an awesome time at Paws Outdoors. If you have any concerns or are unsure about anything, please let us know.
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Contact Us
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Rules and Policies
Below are our Terms and Conditions, Rules and Policies for attending Paws Outdoors events and activities.

Terms and Conditions


Paws Outdoors reserves the right to deny entry, revoke registration, or remove from the Event facilities any person who in our sole and absolute discretion is behaving or threatening to behave in a manner which we reasonably consider to be disruptive of the Event or in contravention of the rules. We will revoke your registration and access to events if it is the opinion of one or more of the organisers that you are in contravention of the rules.

Registrations are limited to four per purchaser. If you require more than four badges, you must notify us or your order may be cancelled.

This is to prevent scalping.

In the event of the organisers revoking an attendee’s registration due to breach of the rules and conditions, Paws Outdoors is not required to refund that attendee all or part of the registration fee unless required by Australian Consumer Law.
Registration to Chaos Camp is refundable up to 30 days before the convention, but currently not transferable. If you require a refund on your registration, please contact the staff at [email protected].  Registration details cannot be changed after the refund period closes. There is a non-refundable deposit of 40% of the ticket or merchandise price for each transaction.


At Paws Outdoors, we understand that Alcohol is brought to events. This is a personal choice, however we do ask that a little common sense be used so that everyone can have a great time, make sure that you pace your drinking and always have a plan on how you will get back to your tent/bunk bed.

A few specific guidelines are here for your convenience.

If you are intoxicated and your actions become irresponsible, Paws Outdoors staff retain the right to ask you to leave the scheduled activity or spaces. If you refuse you may be banned from attending further events. If you become intoxicated to the point that you are a danger to yourself or others, Paws Outdoors will arrange an ambulance at your own cost.

Certain activities/events may be held in alcohol free zones. It is illegal in the state of NSW to consume alcohol or be intoxicated in these zones. Attendees found consuming or being under the effects of alcohol in an alcohol free zone will be asked to leave the activity/event.


At Paws Outdoors, we do not condone the recreational use of drugs at scheduled activities or spaces. This includes the use of any substance regarded as illegal in the State of NSW as well as the recreational use of prescription medication.

Persons found impaired by drugs or illegal substances for recreational purposes at Paws Outdoors Events/Activities may be asked to leave the event.
Persons found selling drugs or illegal substances will be removed from the event.

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