PureCycle's Ironton Showcase Day 2024
Please join us on March 7, 2024 for PureCycle's Ironton Showcase Day. This event will be hosted at our pre-processing and purification facilities in Ironton, Ohio. PureCycle's management team will guide attendees around our plant to provide deeper insight into our technology. We will offer a virtual, live-stream option for those who cannot attend in person. Everyone (in-person & virtual) must register at the link below. We ask that you RSVP by February 29 for planning purposes.

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About PureCycle's Ironton Showcase Day 2024
Our Ironton Showcase Day 2024 is designed to welcome our analysts, investors and partners to see our pre-processing and purification processes. We invite you to meet our management team to better understand our approach to purifying waste polypropylene, operating our facility with excellence and systematically building future facilities globally.

This event will feature a tour of our pre-processing facilities, purification facilities, and offtake distribution operations. We will offer a virtual, live-stream option for those who cannot attend in person. Everyone (in-person & virtual) must register. We ask that you RSVP by February 29 for planning purposes. We look forward to showcasing our technology, our team and our vision in greater detail with those who support our goal of creating a pure planet.

We request that you RSVP by February 29 for planning purposes. Everyone (in-person & virtual) must register. Registration is limited.

This event will be held in an open-air environment. We encourage attendees to wear closed-toe shoes (no high heels), jeans and a comfortable shirt. The appropriate safety attire will be provided.

For attendees interested in lodging, nearby hotels include: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ironton, TownePlace Suites by Marriott Ironton, Delta Hotels by Marriott Ashland Downtown and Hampton Inn Ashland. Additional information can be found on our site visit flyer.

For questions, please contact: [email protected]

Dustin Olson, Chief Executive Officer
Jaime Vasquez, Chief Financial Officer
Jeffrey Fieler, Board Member
Steve Bouck, Board Member
Brad Kalter, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Brett Hafer, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing
Tamsin Ettefagh, Chief Sustainability Officer & CMO
Dan Coombs, Executive Chairman
925 County Road 1A
Building 560
Ironton, OH 45638
Date & Time
Thursday, March 7, 2024
Check-in: 8 - 9 am EST
Event: 9 am - 12 pm EST
A calendar reminder will be provided on your registration confirmation screen.
Ironton Area Information
For additional information on the Ironton, OH area near PureCycle, please download the site visit flyer.
Ironton Showcase Day Takeaways
Meet the Team
Meet our management team and thought leaders who have led the construction and commissioning efforts at Ironton.
Learn the Process
Gain a deeper understanding of our feedstock processing strategy – from purchasing PP waste to prepping it to generating PP flakes ready to be purified.
Witness the Magic
Tour the Ironton facility to see firsthand how our purification process removes contaminants from waste PP to produce an industry-first, ultra-pure recycled resin.
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