Owl Pellet Disection and Owl Talk
Join us and Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center for this awesome event on July 22 at 2pm. 
Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center will be in-store on Saturday July 22nd for an amazing and educational owl pellet direction event. They will also bring a live owl to the event to help us learn about Raptor diet and digestion!

Pellets are a record of what owls have eaten and we can study them to learn more about the owl and the ecosystems in which they live. You will be able to see and identify the tiny bones from that owl’s meal, learn about the owl’s diet and their place in the food web. Owls generally swallow their prey whole but are unable to digest certain parts such as bones, teeth, and fur. The owl’s gizzard packs the undigested parts into a ball called a “pellet” that they spit, or cast, back up. Owls generally cast about two pellets a day.
Wild Birds Unlimited Colorado Springs
2450 Montebello Square Dr Colorado Springs CO 80918
Date & Time
July 22, 2023, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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