Tuesday, July 23rd - 6:30PM
Location TBD
The company ownership will be hosting an open conversation meeting to present to potential investors the 'investors business plan', and explain how one may invest in builds through the company managed private equity groups.

We will walk everyone through how the process will work from beginning to end, to include but not be limited to:
-Discussing the protections of contracts, insurance and lien-holding.
-Discussing investment return projections and estimated turn around time.
-Discussing the potential road blocks and challenges that come with real estate investments and home building so all investors are aware of both the upside and down.
-Discussing the expenses and profit of the most recent builds we have completed, or are close to completion on.

We will also be introducing our entire team, their roles and their individual experience and accolades to establish strong credibility and confidence in our company's ability to turn that investment into profit.

We project the ROI return percentages between 10%-25% depending on the group/project plans and complexity, in combination with the current market.

We will have an open Q&A to allow anyone to ask any and all questions they would like answered prior to investing. 

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