Philly Fun Fist 6.66

Hello everyone. Honest Bob here.

Well, it’s that time again I suppose. Another year, another poorly planned and even more poorly executed LGN rally. This one is 666 or something ridiculous like that. We really should have just called it “LGN 6 please please think we’re cool”
    I’m old. And really tired. I don’t have this shit in me anymore. Actually I probably never had this shit in me I’m the least fun person I know. I’m like if sunburn was a person. Not all that menacing but I’ll totally ruin your day at the beach just by being myself. 
     Anyway, we’re going to try so hard to impress you that we will probably almost kill you because we’re as incompetent as we are desperate for you to Like us. I can not reiterate enough how sad this all is.
Like the planning is unbearable. Can you imagine being obligated to talk to these people multiple times in the same week? It turns my fucking stomach just thinking about it. 
     Here’s the breakdown: it’s the same as every other year except this time the ride is going to New Jersey because I don’t feel like driving into the city that day. So yeah our big fun surprise is a trip to New Jersey. 
 Lucky you! 
If you need a place to stay everyone can stay at Danny’s. Tell Noche Bob said what’s up. 
    So if you decide to come I’ll see you there and if you don’t decide to come, congratulations on having better judgment than your peers. 
            Signed, Honest Bob


1615 S. 25th St. Philadelphia Pa

Date & Time

July 12, 2019, 12:00 PM - July 14, 2019 - 4:00 PM


Coming soon!

Meet and Greet,
Park up settle in, find out where you're staying, and grab your rally pack and buy a Shirt.

Do Attend: July 12

Come visit with your resident Philly Crum Bums, get wild, have fun.


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