Macro & Close-up Photography
A Live Online Workshop
Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 12:00pm to 1:30pm EST (New York time zone)

Learn a new photography skill and discover a whole new realm of artistic expression in this 90-minute online class.

Learn the essential knowledge and skills needed to capture stunning macro and up-close images. This class is appropriate for beginners or experienced photographers looking to explore the world of macro photography or wanting to take their images further.

You'll learn about the equipment, lighting, techniques, and creative approaches that make macro photography so rewarding. We’ll show you how to get started shooting spectacular macro images without having to invest in expensive equipment. You'll also learn about depth of field, one of the most important concepts in macro photography, and we’ll even explain how focus stacking can be used to achieve truly remarkable macro images.

Participants are provided with a copy of the PowerPoint slides and the presentation will be recorded. Attendees are provided with a private link to the recording to review as often as they like.

I will cover a variety of topics, including:

• What is Macro/Micro photography?

• What is close-up photography?

• Why shoot macro?

• Macro gear

• Macro focusing

• Lighting options

• Background options

• Using color

• Getting creative

• Thinking out of the box

• Depth of field issues with macro

• Shooting with different focal length lenses

• How diffraction affects macro images

• An introduction to focus stacking

• Summary

You attend this workshop from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you happen to be using Zoom.

Attendees will be provided with a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and a link to the presentation video so you can review the material at your own pace after the workshop.

Registration is only $19.95.

Once you register, you'll receive the workshop Zoom link 2-days prior to the workshop, and again on the day of the workshop.

Macro and Close-up Photography
Time left to register
Who is this for?
This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about macro and close-up photography.
Will this workshop be recorded?
Yes, the workshop will be recorded, and the recording will be available for you to review whenever you like.
Why attend?
I will provide you with invaluable information that will enable you to take great macro and close-up images. I will also introduce you to some uncommon, but very interesting forms of close-up photography you may not have thought of or seen before.
What’s included?
This is an approx. 1.5 hour online interactive Zoom workshop. You will be able to ask questions and benefit from other attendee questions. In addition, you will be provided with the online workshop slides in PDF form and a link to an online video copy of the workshop that you can view as often as you like.
When is it?
The workshop will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 12:00pm EST (New York time zone)
How much is it?
Registration for the workshop is $19.95.
About your instructor
Bert Sirkin has been teaching photography topics for the past 40+ years and post-processing techniques for the past 15 years.

He apprenticed at with a Professional Photographer in Boston when he was 18 years old and has done part-time Professional Photography since he was 19 years old.

He has taught workshops in Everglades NP, Joshua Tree NP & Monument Valley Tribal park and is a frequent speaker at various photography gatherings.
Unsolicited Testimonials
"I knew this would be great, but it has been OUTSTANDING!!!!!"
"Thanks so much for hosting this class. It was the best. You were slow and thorough enough for dummies like me to begin to understand."
"Thank you so much - it was great! I did learn a lot and it's an extra bonus to be able to go back over the material."
"You really did an outstanding job today. I learned so much. It was really the best overview class I have taken."
"The workshop was marvelous – just packed with information I needed! I really appreciated your very clear descriptions of the process. Really very well done! I learned so much."
"Thank you for such a comprehensive presentation today!"
"Thank you for an excellent class yesterday. It was the best money I've spent and now I'm excited to pull up some photos and play with it."
"Thank you for the class and the followup video. It was a great experience!"

"Thank you much for your excellent presentation this afternoon. I liked very much the way you organized the content but even more importantly your well paced and easy to understand delivery."
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