PureCycle and iSustain Recycling team up as the official recycling partner of the Plastics Recycling Conference 2022.
PureCycle uses a game-changing, patented technology that can remove virtually all contaminants, colors, and odors from polypropylene plastic waste (designated as No.5 plastic) and transforms that plastic waste into an ultra-pure plastic resin that can be used over and over again. At PureCycle, we can transform plastic waste into an infinitely sustainable material. We want to change how you view and use plastic.

Our PureZero Program (TM) is the first zero plastic waste program for sports and entertainment. Being a member of the PureZero Program (TM) means you will reach your team’s highest sustainability goals. PureCycle will help you emerge as the sustainability leader in your community and amongst your fans.
iSustain Recycling’s primary goal has always been to help both large and small industries across North America improve landfill diversion. Since their inception in 2014 they have helped to divert over a billion pounds of plastics, paper, metal, and food waste from landfill by utilizing any methods available within the mechanical, chemical, reuse and waste to energy sectors and have partnered with major manufacturers of plastic packaging to provide recycling solutions to their customers and increase circularity.

Because of this passion to offer continuous improvement in the most effective and efficient technologies, iSustain has teamed up with PureCycle to make the recycling at this year’s PRC even more sustainable by introducing their PureZero program.
We need your help!
1. Take a photo of yourself recycling our polypropylene #5 cups at our recycle bins.
2. Tweet the photo to both: @PureCycleTech and @iSustainInc
3. You'll be entered to win one of our backpacks made 100% from recycled plastic bottles!
6,250 cups will be at the conference.
With your help, we can make sure they are all recycled! We will remove virtually all contaminants, colors, and odors from the cups and transform that plastic waste into an ultra-pure plastic resin that can be used over and over again! Make sure to follow our Twitter accounts for the reclamation results: @PureCycleTech and @iSustainInc 
Since you're here...
Did you know?
All serviceware can be created from No. 5 polypropylene. Contact our PureZero program to bring this recycling initiative to your next event!
Come say hello!
We'd love to meet you and discuss how PureCycle and iSustain are changing the future of plastic waste. You can find PureCyle at booth # 510 and iSustain at booth # 408.
Take a selfie with "Trashy"
As part of iSustain's philanthropic commitment to solving and understanding microplastics, iSustain will be showcasing a special art exhibit from the Tennessee Aquarium at their trade show booth. The exhibit is a beautifully designed,  Appalachian Brook Trout (#Trashythetrout) made entirely of fresh water litter collected from creeks, ponds, and rivers. The sculptures graphically illustrate the tragedy of plastic pollution in our waterways, and it's a real eye-opener how much can be recycled with the right solutions.
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