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Public Education is Under Attack
Texas public school students are the future of Texas, but more than ever our teachers are overburdened and under-appreciated.  Inadequate pay, lack of respect, and stressful work conditions are pushing teachers out of the profession and attracting fewer new teachers into the field.  Recruitment and retention are a challenge in our local districts and across the state.  Every Texas student needs a safe and healthy educational environment in order to meet their full academic potential, but partisanship and political posturing have made some students feel less safe and less welcome at school.   It is up to each of us to educate ourselves and vote for leaders who will put students first.  
Join us on October 23
Protect Public Education for ALL Texas Children!
 Meet Our Panelists
Chris Tackett
campaign finance specialist
Deborah Peoples
tarrant county judge candidate
Gwenn Burud
Dr. James Whitfield
Youth & education advocate
Rev. Dr. Katie Hays
author, teacher & pastor galileo church​​​​
Tracy Fisher
state board of education district 14 candidate
Tiffany Burks
Crystal Gayden
judge, 324th Family District Court candidate
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The True Texas Values PAC was created by voters of all political affiliations who have had enough of partisan politics – especially at the local level. Local civic and school board elections are supposed to be non-partisan in Texas. Instead, they have become the ideological battleground for extremists and this threatens PUBLIC EDUCATION.

The True Texas Values PAC is:
- Against extremism and exclusion in government
- Promoting non-partisan civic and school elections
- Supporting elected officials who are inclusive of all Texans


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Additional Resources
In this hour-long CNN Special Report, Ed Lavandera reveals how a handful of influential billionaires steer the politics of school boards, city councils and the state legislature in Texas.

What CNN's new 'Deep in the Pockets of Texas' special tells us about how big-money donors shape Texas politics
In this week's episode of the Y'all-itics podcast, CNN's Ed Lavandera shares what he learned about Texas' political landscape while filming his latest special report

How a Christian Cellphone Company Became a Rising Force in Texas Politics

New York Times reports on how Patriot Mobile, based in a battleground suburb, is spending money to promote conservative views on race and gender in schools. It has its sights on bigger political targets.
Chris Tackett Follows the Money
"Would you believe me if I told you there were billionaires creating PACs to buy politicians, feed voters propaganda and fear, and attempt to control the state? Yeah, but I’ve got the campaign finance receipts!" - Chris Tackett

Follow Chris Tackett on TikTok @christackett71
Mothers Against Greg Abbott
Mothers Against Greg Abbott is a collection of ‘badass mamas’ who’ve come together to make sure our voices are heard this election. We know that change isn’t going to come from the left or right but from those of us in the middle.  While we don’t agree on every topic, we all agree that we need change in Texas in 2022 if we want Texas families and communities to thrive.

Learn more at:

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