Quran Night 2023: End the Year with the Sweetness and Baraka of the Quran 
Saturday, December 23, 2023
Maghrib 4.45 pm to Isha 7.00 pm
Please arrive early to secure your spot

As Muslims, our identity is by the Quran.  It an honor to be known as the People of the Quran.  At a time when our hearts are overwhelmed by the deaths and destructions of wars, we seek refuge in the Baraka of the Quran.  The melodious recitation of the Holy Quran by these world renowned Qaris will, Insha-Allah, soothe and heal our hearts.

Come join us for a night of devotion. Hear the Quran in its original form. And feel Blessed !

                    Note: This is NOT a Fundraiser
           Voluntary Donations are always welcome
                   @ www.masjidarrahman.org/donate

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