RC Lurie Light + Lunch - July
July 23, 2024, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
RC Lurie - Phoenix 1122 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Please join us Tuesday July 23rd for RC Lurie's monthly Light + Lunch, where you have the opportunity to connect directly with our manufacturers to learn about new products and concepts that will help make your project a success as well as network with your peers over lunch!

Dive into serenity with the Kurtain Acoustic Pendant by Luxxbox. Inspired by the billowing movement of fabric, the Kurtain acoustic pendant not only creates a captivating visual statement but also beautifully absorbs sound, fostering tranquility amidst the noise. Available in three sizes and a stunning palette of 77 colors, Kurtain seamlessly adapts to any décor. Illi Bon is a mini pendant that delivers exceptional sound absorption and direct lighting in a compact form. With soft PET outer gills and a high-output LED, Illi Bon offers enhanced performance in a smaller package, making it perfect for spaces with size constraints or clustered arrangements. As a leading international designer of acoustic and flexible solutions, Luxxbox continues to create decorative and innovative solutions designed for modern, collaborative spaces.

Myers Emergency Power Systems is a leading designer & manufacturer of highly engineered backup power technology for emergency lighting, traffic, rail, and broadband. They offer a wide array of products in advanced backup power solutions that offer worry-free dependability. The new Illuminator Hypernova inverters are their sleekest and smartest three-phase units yet. The equipment has been designed with industry leading compact footprint and features many robust communication options, such as the new IoT Inverter Connect cloud connectivity solution. The modular battery cabinet configurations optimize mechanical space requirements. These highly efficient systems range are perfect for all commercial applications including schools, data centers and distribution centers.

Mako M3's Sports Lighting’s advanced lighting solutions harness cutting-edge technology to illuminate sports facilities with unprecedented efficiency and performance. State-of-the-art products are designed to cater to a diverse range of sports, from high school fields to professional arenas, including NFL, cricket, and more. Mako is committed to quality and performance, ensuring that every game is played under the best possible lighting conditions, allowing athletes to perform at their peak and fans to enjoy every moment. With a focus on clean, renewable energy sources, Mako lights embody a commitment to a brighter, greener future for sports and beyond.

Utilizing in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, Coronet's architectural luminaires provide high performance technologies that can meet any design vision. Their newest modular linear lighting system consisting of three optional design elements, Slick may be used to seamlessly mix and match accent downlights and illuminated and unilluminated linear sections. Custom lengths, patterns, and configurations are tailored to suit any modern space. The Point series of track heads feature custom designed cast aluminum housings, beveled top edges, and unique stem placement. Delivering formidable peak candela, high efficacy, and 20-degree shielding angle for low glare, pair with track power systems for unlimited versatility.

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