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Opening & Welcome
Nancy Rollins Gantz, PhD, RN, MSN, MBA, Chairperson, Region One Conference 2022
Region 1- “Who we are… Bold & Active”
Laura L. Van Auker, DNP, FNP-BC, MSN, SN-C Sigma North America Region 1 Coordinator

Instruction for Evaluations & NCPD
Mary Yoho, PhD, RN, CNE, NCPD Co-chair

Many Faces of Nurse Advocacy; Pathways to Self-Care

Panel: Mileva Saulo Lewis; EdD, RN, Peterson E. Pierre, DNP, RN; Tana A. Leon Toscano, MSNN, NP, RN

Moderators: Patty Barfield, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC; Jennifer A. Ham, DNP, CNM, NCMP

Infusing and Instilling Joy - A Necessary Ingredient in Driving Creativity and Innovation
Richard Ricciardi, PhD, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP, Immediate Past President, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Moderator: Mary Yoho, PhD, RN, CNE
Break and poster viewing
Link to poster viewing on website. To be provided.

Supporting, Advocating and Caring for Self and Others
Susan Bakewell-Sachs. PhD, RN, FAAN
Dean, Oregon Health & Sciences University SON

Moderator: Patty Barfield, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC
Break: Move to Zoom Session 1A (Link) and 1B (Link)

Zoom Sessions 1A and 1B

Moderator: Mary Lou DeNatale
Zoom Host: Anne Milligan
1.“(Re)Storying living well with young adult ventilator-users: beyond ableist and biomedical discourses of ventilator use”
Elizabeth Strauss, MN, RN, COI

2. Resilience Matters!
Debbie K. KetchumMAOM, RN, NEA-BC, RNC-MNN, C-EFM
3. The importance of mentorship for nurses going through a regulatory investigation process.
Fiona Millington, RN, DiPN, BSc(Hons), MA, PGCE

Zoom Session 1B
Moderator: April Wood
Zoom Host: Van Auker/Worley
1. Developing community disaster preparedness through academic partnerships: An auto-ethnographic reflection”
Morgan A. Torris-Hedlund, Ph.D., MPA, RN,    CEN, PHNA-BC, NHDP-BC, FAWM 

2. Comparison of in-person and virtual “Food as Medicine” simulation: Interprofessional cultural nutrition assessment and counseling      
Laura L. Van Auker, DNP, FNP-BC, MSN, SN-C
Gordon Worley, MSN, RN, FNP-C, ENP-C, FAWM            
3. Against Medical Advice (AMA): How nurses address parental medical treatment/vaccine delays, limitation, and refusals
Luanne Linnard-Palmer, RN, MSN, EdD, CPN

LUNCH on own

Zoom Sessions 2A and 2B

Moderator: Fang-yu Chou
Zoom Host: Anne Milligan

Joy in Work Seminar Series:
1: Creating a Joyful Workplace: An Evidence-Based Strategy to Develop and Sustain a Joyful Team.             
Carole Liske, PhD, MS, RN  
Laura Simmons, PhD, RN, CNE
2: A Systematic Review of Hedonic Joy in Work.
Naomi Tutticci, RN, BN, GCAP, Master Ed Studies, PhD, FHEA                         
Michael Joseph Dino, PhD, MAN, RN, LPT                        
Carole Liske, PhD, MS, RN
3: A Global Nursing Perspective of Joy in Work.
Naomi Tutticci, RN, BN, GCAP, Master Ed Studies, PhD, FHEA
Michael Joseph Dino, PhD, MAN, RN, LPT                        
Carole Liske, PhD, MS, RN
Zoom Session 2B
Moderator: Peterson Pierre             
Zoom Host:  Van Auker/Worley

1. Evaluation of self-care practices among RN to BSN students                  
April Wood, DNP, MSN, RN, and Alice Butzlaff. PhD, NP, RN
2. Advocating for lactating university students through written policy.  
Cheryl Langford, MSN, RN, and Marcella Gowan, EdD, MPH, CNM
3. Integrating self-care for BSN nursing students: guiding practice and professionalism during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Mary Lou De Natale, EdD, RN, CNL, and Lisa M. Sabatini, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN, CNML

Zoom Poster Q&A
Moderator: Fang-you Chou and Carole Liske  
Host:  Ann Milligan

1. Improving fall risk assessment to reduce falls in assisted living communities. 
Barbara De Groot, MSN(NE), RN, CMGT-BC
2.. Healthy diet for patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (HT) 
Aman Sekhon
3.  Development of a transgender toolkit to enhance rehabilitation within Washington State Department of Corrections.

Linda J. Trader, BSN, RN, PMHNP, DNP Student
BREAK and return to Main Session

Convergence of Opportunity: Leveraging Science,         Uncertainty, and Hope for the Future of Nursing Education. 

Casey Shillam, PhD, RN, Dean, University of PortlandSON

Moderator: Nikki Warthen, MSN, RN

Defining and Treating Widespread Pain: Past, Present, Future.
Kim Dupree Jones PhD, FNP, FAAN, Dean, Linfield University SON

Moderator: Kathy Kuskie, MS, CNM, RN, CHSE                  
Awards & Appreciations
Abby Heydman, Lifetime Service Region 1                          
Laura L. Van Auker, DNP, FNP-BC, MSN, SN-C
Strengthening Region One

Carole Liske, PhD, MS, RN, Sigma International Regional Coordinator

Nancy Rollins Gantz, PhD, RN, MSN, MBA
Evaluation and NCPD : Adjourn
Laura L. Van Auker, DNP, FNP-BC, MSN, SN-C
This conference committee thanks Abby Heydman for her endless energy and spirit she provided for the team…

North America Region 1-5
  • Region 1
    Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii USA and British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and Alberta, Canada
  • Region 2
    Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Western Texas, USA
  • Region 3
    Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Western Iowa, USA
  • Region 4
    South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa, USA and Manitoba, Canada
  • Region 5
    Missouri and Illinois, USA

Host Chapters
Beta Psi (Oregon Health & Science University)
Omicron Upsilon (University of Portland)
Xi Mu (Linfield University)

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