Speakers & Panelists
Each presenter will start the session with a presentation of a paradigm shifting principle.  The short talk will be practical and relevant to student ministry in Miami. 
Mika Martinez
Next Gen Coordinator,
Mika is an administrative master mind who also leads a small group for students.  She serves full time at Vous Church and has a heart for both big gatherings and small groups! 
Nicholas Haddock
Youth & Creative Pastor
Nick has rapidly multiplied a youth leadership team to have 20 volunteers.  It has changed the whole dynamic of the student ministry he pastors and prepared them for qualitative growth!
Marqui Cambronero
Youth Pastor, 
Campus Life DirectoR
Marqui is reaching lost students on campus and connecting them to a local church.  He is a youth pastor with the local church and youth evangelist with YFC. 
Brooke Espinosa
Student ministry pastor
Brooke has done youth ministry for the last 21 years in Portland, OR, Washington DC, and most recently, in Miami at Christ Journey Church in Coral Gables.  She contributes to a nationwide youth curriculum development through One Hope and FEED.
Shadrach Napoleon
Family Pastor
Shadrach has passion to see students experience God's presence both in their families and in the church. 
Mike Gault
First Priority Director, Youth Pastor
Mike's business background has fueled his passion for equipping  leaders that bring the gospel to Gen Z.  He is an elder and youth pastor at his church.  He leads the team that coaches 70+ First Priority Clubs in Miami-Dade.  
Dwayne & Ceci Eslick
Youth Evangelist, First priority Director
Dwayne has been a missionary to urban youth since 1994.  He and his wife Ceci are passionate seeing youth experience creative prayer!  They pastored a youth ministry that had over 440 youth and leaders in small groups while in Chicago. 
DJ, producer & Rapper 
DJ Mr E is passionate about  impacting Miami through music and throwing big parties for Jesus!  His flavor is uniquely geared to South Florida.  He can rock shows with big crowds and still has a heart for the small church reaching their community!
The Unique Format  Each session will have a 12 minute Ted Talk Style presentation, a 15 minute panel discussion, and a 20 minute small group discussion: Table talk.  If you bring your full team, you will be able to discuss how the the principle applies in your student ministry.  If you are with a smaller team of student leaders, you will be able to share ideas with people in similar circumstances. 
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Regroup Schedule
|      9:00 am
Doors Open and Continental Breakfast 
You will want to come early and not miss a minute of fellowship and networking.  We have several ministry support organizations that will have tables set up with information about their ministries.  
|      9:30 am
Student Ministry Game Experience
You will want to come early and not miss a minute of fellowship and networking.  Experience a few new games that you will want to use right away with your youth ministry! 
|      9:45 am
Sticky Key 1 - Shepherd the Sheep
If students are going to stick with their faith beyond their teen years, they need student leaders that know how to shepherd them.  Discover keys to lead students spiritually and be someone they see as a mentor for life. 
|      11:00 am
Sticky Key 2 - Bridge the Generations
Despite the age segregation that exists in our churches and broader culture, each young person benefits when surrounded by a team of five adults. We call this the new 5:1 ratio.   Research demonstrates that parents are the #1 influencers in their teen's spiritual growth.  We help student leaders develop new ways to partner with parents to empower them to nurture faith in their families and help build bridges between the generations.
|      12:00 pm
Lunch and Special Music by DJ Mr E
Your team will feel appreciated with a great meal and some great music.  Visit tables of local non-profit youth ministries.  Find new ministry partners or become aware of the vast youth and family resources available so you can refer students to places that offer a variety of help/assistance. 
|      12:55 pm
Sticky Key 3 - Breathe the Gospel
Many young people see faith like a jacket: something they can put on or take off based on their behavior or circumstance. We seek to help students develop a more robust understanding of the gospel, one that integrates faith into all aspects of life.
|      1:55 pm
Sticky Key 4 - Create Safe Conversations
Doubt is not toxic to faith; silence is. Young people want conversations in response to their hardest questions, not just answers. We offer tools and training for these life-changing discussions that can deepen the faith of everyone involved.
|      2:55 pm
Session 5 - Concert of Prayer 
We sow seeds and water them, ultimately: God causes the growth.  There are over 500,000 middle and high school students in South Florida.  Many of us dream of the day when every student will hear the gospel multiple times before graduating high school.  For this vision to come to pass, it will take a move of God that results in leaders and students and parents united in prayer! 
|      3:30 pm
Dismissed to Enjoy Coral Gables and Miami
This is a great time to spend some time with your team.  Explore Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, or downtown Miami.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  Great teams spend time together apart from the work!
Conference Location
 Hosted at Christ Journey Church, Coral Gables, FL
The whole conference is working experience of collaboration and strategizing.  Everyone sits around a table and there is more interaction than lectures.  This year we will have one location and you will have an amazing opportunity to network with non-profit and student ministries from all over South Florida!
South Florida Student Ministries United! 
This conference is possible because of multiple ministries collaborating and working together.  Through the generosity of Devon Urban Leadership and the time invested by several key local student ministry leaders, we are able to offer this conference for the price of lunch.  Our desire is that each youth worker will be honored and appreciated by a conference that normally would cost over $50 per person. 
News & Updates
Come back regularly for video updates and links to articles so that you can get a head start on the learning process.  Often paradigm shifts take a while to process but can have life-long impact.  The theme of "Sticky Faith" is based on the research of Fuller Youth Institute and the books by the same name.  
Sticky Faith Radio Interview
Posted March 4th
WRMB 89.3 FM interviewed Dwayne Eslick on the Eric and Bridgette Morning Show.  The "Sticky Faith" theme was the focus and well as the upcoming conference.  Visit https://www.moodyradio.org/radioplayer.aspx?episode=521986&hour=3 to hear the 15 minute interview. 
Sticky Faith from the Fuller Youth Institute
Posted February 1
Visit https://fulleryouthinstitute.org/stickyfaith for resources and more information.  There are two books that would be great reading before the conference.  Sticky Faith and Sticky Faith Youth Workers Edition are available at Amazon and on Hoopla Digital. 
Regroup 2022 Recap!
Posted February 1
In 2022, over 180 youth workers from 30 different South Florida churches and nonprofit organizations came together for a conference focussed on small groups for youth.  Leaders left refreshed and encouraged and ready to rebuild after the pandemic.  The four key principles were: (1) Lead yourself, (2) Set the atmosphere, (3) Ask great questions, and (4) Be intentional.

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