REINVENT is a course for those who want radical career change.

Your dream job is out there, and if not, you can create it!

We say reinvent yourself because we believe change begins within. We are not here to give you a tidy solution, we are here to help you create a new you and find the ideal way forward to fulfilment,

Come on a journey with us to:

  • Connect to what is most important to you, to who you are on the deepest level;
  • Explore different perspectives on the world and find empowering alternatives;
  • Explore new versions of yourself and create an exciting vision
  • Devise a strategy to move forward into a new chapter of your life and career.

The world of personal change is best nurtured in a social environment, and here you will share this journey with a community of kindred spirits. As well as meeting new people and the opportunities that creates, you will benefit from sharing your stories, your dreams, reasons for change and committing to this process as a group. The peer-to-peer coaching exercises we facilitate will clarify your thinking and propel you forward. Rehearsing your ‘new self’ in a supportive environment is an empowering experience.

The time is NOW to REINVENT YOURSELF - don’t walk the path alone!
Date & Time
April 28, 2021,
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM (BST)

& Continues:
May 12, 5 -7 PM
May 19, 5 -7 PM
May 26, 5 -7 PM
June 9, 5 -7 PM
June 16, 5 -7 PM
28th April 2021
Chapter 1 - Thinking BIG
In this first session we will open up your horizons as we explore the future and build a vision for your life. This is a voyage of discovery, identifying what will be different, revealing values and passions, expanding the range of possibility and uncovering any blocks that may arise. We aren’t saying that you have to travel to the stars, but we are saying radical change is possible.
12th May 2021
Chapter 2 - Finding your Why
Understanding your WHY is pivotal to building a career plan and making decisions that are in alignment with your values, passions and sense of purpose.  Building on your vision and deepening your connection with these internal drivers, you will develop an authentic voice of conviction and your unique promise of value, enshrined within the beginnings of a personal brand statement.
19th May 2021
Chapter 3 - What is my Superpower?
People who speak with conviction and communicate with a strong sense of self, also understand their unique strengths and abilities, and they believe it! In this session we will help you uncover what that is, and reinfoce the belief in both yourself and that anything is possible.
26th May 2021

Chapter 4 - Conquering your Inner Critic
It is only human to have an internal voice of doubt or criticism that holds you back. In this session, we help you develop the tools and approaches to conquer the inner critic. We will look at refocus, reframing your beliefs to help you avoid the traps of fear and imposter syndrome.  
9th June 2021
Chapter 5 - Strategy & Design
In this session you will develop a strategy for your new career by mapping out potential paths forward and creating experiments to commit you to moving these ideas forward. You will use the tools of the earlier sessions to assess your ideas. You will build on your existing networks and the networks of the group, and we will look beyond the self, into your relationship with the world.
16th June 2021
Chapter 6 - Sharpening the Saw
In this session we review what has happened over the REINVENT course. What’s different? What are you learning? What are the challenges you are facing? Whats skills do you need to develop? What do you want to appreciate about yourself from the work you have done? We finish by celebrating our course members and championing their ability to create the career, and life, they want for themselves.
 About the hosts
James Ellis & Dave Nettleton are trained Co-active Coaches with CTI, the globally recognised Gold standard for ICF accredited coach training programmes.

James spent 5 years working as a teacher in one of the world’s top boarding schools, and is a coach committed to helping people grow and change. His coaching journey started with helping young people find their path, and he brings that experience to REINVENT.

Dave founded and ran a pioneering biotechnology company which is now one of the world’s leading companies providing all-natural and chemical-free swimming pools. He has moved through a diverse career background, is passionate about developing people, and brings his experience as an entrepreneur and leader to our work with REINVENT.

date & time

April 28, 2021,
5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

& Continues:
May 12
May 19
May 26
June 9
June 16

Join us on April 28
We look forward to hosting you!

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