In loving memory of Ryan ''DJ Delete'' Biggs 
 1987 - 2022 
On April 30th, our dear friend and cherished colleague Ryan Biggs passed away. Although Ryan will be laid to rest with his family in Australia, it is the wish of his family that his dear friends, fans and relations in Europe are also granted the chance to pay their respects and reflect on their cherished memories of Ryan together.
Ryan has impacted the life of many people around the globe with his music, personality and drive. Therefore, we wish to grant those who knew and appreciated Ryan as an artist and would like to pay their respects as fans, or others who have been inspired or impacted by Ryan as a person or his creative, musical productions, the opportunity to pay their respects during a walk-through service open to the public.

You are welcome to join us and pay your respects to Ryan from 17:30 onwards at the beautiful Landgoed Drakenburg.
Here, you will be able to walk along some of the pictured highlights of Ryan's career, share memories with others in the community, as well as write your final wishes in the condolence registry located at the wishing tree. The registry will be sent to Ryan's family after the service. We ask those that come to please bring one white rose with you to lay at the wishing tree.

Due to the high amount of interest and the limited capacity of the venue, we kindly ask to please keep your visit to the walk-through brief, so that we can grant each person who would like to the opportunity to pay their final respects to Ryan. RSVP'ing is not mandatory, but it is highly appreciated if you do so. Please do not arrive before 17:30 as a different service is being held on the premises then.

We thank you in advance for your attendance and look forward to welcoming you at this public walk-through service, in loving memory and honor of Ryan.
Public Service
May 30, 2022, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Landgoed Drakenburg: De Schaapskooi
Dr. Albert Schweitzerweg 1 3744 MG, Baarn
This service is a walk-through service meant to pay (y)our final respects to Ryan., open to anyone from the public who wishes to attend.
Please use the address below for your route to the venue. Parking is free of cost.
Dr. Albert Schweitzerweg 1 3744 MG, Baarn
Due to the limited capacity at the venue, we kindly ask to keep your visit brief so that everyone who wishes can pay their final respects to Ryan.
In lieu of gifts, we kindly ask that you bring a single white rose with you for Ryan, or that you make a donation to his family to help ensure they can give him the funeral he deserves. Any surplus donations will be donated to a charity of the family's choosing.

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