Renew and Reconnect Weekend Retreat 
March 4, 2022, 5:00 PM - March 6, 2022 - 3:00 PM
Serpentine Retreat Center -website
48 Lewis Road, Serpentine, Western Australia 6205
Join us March 4 to 6  to participate in a community building life-changing group immersion  experience to get in touch with, clear, activate, and recharge yourself energetically and emotionally...

This retreat is a Portal of Light and high vibration, a safe zone for those who are seeking to renew and reconnect through personal insight and community building.

Spend the weekend engaging in activities with us, where we'll help, teach and empower you to release stress, anxiety, energetic and emotional blocks as well as expand your capacity to receive healing and love through flow.

We'll share tools and techniques for achieving health and well being ....

Register and join us to discover how to be more aligned and attuned in your physical world, to be present and manifest for self and others.

Vegetarian meals will be provide

Retreat Facilitators are not licensed to and do not treat, prescribe, or diagnose any illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder.


Serpentine Retreat Centre - WEBSITE
The Serpentine Retreat Centre is located at:
48 Lewis Road, Serpentine
Western Australia 6205

The Centre for Attitudinal Healing Serpentine Retreat Centre is located just 60 kms or a 45 minute drive from the Perth CBD.
It is set in 16 hectares of beautiful Jarrah / Marri forest at the base of the Darling Scarp bordering on Serpentine National Park.
See location

We encourage people to ride share 

Retreat Facilitators
Our group of expert and experienced facilitators come to us with a combined 30+ years of experience in meditation and immersion experiences to release stress, anxiety, and energetic and emotional blocks and expand your capacity to receive healing and love through flow.
Guest Monk
Bodhinyana monastery is nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Darling Range, near the town of Serpentine, Western Australia and named after the great teacher Ajahn Chah, Bodhinyana means the ‘wisdom of enlightenment’.
The monastery is home to around twenty monks. There is a large meditation hall, where members of the public are welcome to spend time enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the atmosphere here. Bodhinyana provides an ideal environment of solitude and simplicity in the atmosphere here. Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso (more commonly known as Ajahn Brahm) is the current abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery.
Liz Atherton
As an Empowerment Coach, Author, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive, Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki practitioner, Liz’s goal is to assist people to lead a life of self-direction to their purpose, joy and happiness.
She works with her clients to bring them into conscious awareness of their decision-making process that is thwarted by emotional belief systems and then move them into healing and better choices in life, whilst reprogramming new patterns of thoughts and behaviours to become self-empowered.

Liz is also the founder and CEO of Conscious Care.
Jo Smartt
Jo is a nutritionist and herbalist who believes in supporting and coaching you to be your own healer. She is constant awe of the healing power of plants and nutrition, however, believes the ultimate aim is for you to understand the drivers of your health and wellness. She loves inspiring people to restore balance in their lives in a world that is so fast paced and stressed. She brings some balance to the chaos and understands that healing is much more than changing one aspect of your life. Ultimately, healing and transformation comes from understanding that mind, body and spirit are all divinely connected, and that one is not more important than the other.
Nikki Cornfield
YOGA TEACHER | WRITER |REFLEXOLOGY | Iridology and Sclerolgy
Nikki is a writer, and certified yoga teacher. Shortly after exhaustion, anaemia and weight loss led to her ‘diagnosis with coeliac disease and given no explanation why it had developed or how to heal Nikki turned away from the medical system to find her own answers. This was 25 years ago, wanting to learn more about natural healing methods she studied Reflexology and certified as a reflexologist at The London School of Reflexology. She is also certified as a teacher and has studied Iridology and Sclerolgy, the ancient but accurate tool of seeing past, present and future health issues in the body both physical and emotional. She combines this with detoxification, fasting, juicing and holistic methods to help her clients reverse their own health issues, and achieve long-term health and longevity. She is also passionate about educating people on water and has a global business helping others ‘change their water, change their life.’ 
Tenille Bentley
Sound Frequency Musician | Writer
Tenille Bentley is, an internationally award winning woman, receiving awards recognised by the Prime Minister called The Australian Leadership Award and being picked by The Australian Financial Review as one of the top 100 Women of Influence.

Blending seamlessly with her early years as a multi instrumentalist playing in orchestras and singing in bands, she has merged her love of science and sound. Tenille uses the fusions of science-based sound frequencies that are shown to impact beings at a subatomic level to take her audiences on a sensory journey that leaves them feeling transformed. This practice aligns with her goal of bringing peaceful strategies to the world through each individual to impact the collective macro of our human family.
Heidi Jamieson
reiki healing
Heidi has been initiated in the Second Degree of the Usui System of Natural Healing.
Reiki is a traditional Japanese therapy. It is a form of energy healing that can reduce stress, improve health, and supports physical and emotional healing.
If you are feeling a little out of sorts, could use some support with some healing or just need an energy boost Heidi is an expert and can help. This is her passion, and she would love to be the conduit to help connect you with what you need. 
Reiki as a healing practice will help bring you back into balance on all levels - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
There is an abundance of wonderfulness out there, we just need to tap into it, that’s what Heidi helps us to do that.

*Daily Guided Meditation based in Buddhist Principles- 
Breath and Metta

*Buddhist Teaching and Guided Meditation- Opening session with Guest Monk from Bodhinyana Forest Monastery

*Stress reduction exercises

*Sound Healing

*Gentle/Restorative Yoga


*Tools to reprogram our minds

*Dana visit to Bodhinyana Forest Monastery


*Stress reduction
*Food Science and Nutrition
*Mindfulness around food
*How to develop and sustain a daily
*Meditation or Spiritual Practice
*Attachment Therapy - Role of attachment theory, co-dependency,
*Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
*Inner Child Work/Shadow Work
*Blockers to our Spiritual Progress
*Tools to reprogram our minds
*Intro to Chakras through Energy work
*What is and how do we transition through 3D, 4D, 5D consciousness
*What are Starseeds? How do I know if I am one?
*Role of Spirit guides in our lives
*How do we build and sustain a support network
What to Pack
Breakfast: light continental breakfast-
cereal, bread, milk, tea, and coffee

Snacks: Provide fruit throughout the day

Lunch: vegetarian

Light evening meal: vegetarian

(if you have special dietary needs, please let us know during registration and we will contact you to discuss and make special arrangements)
Bed linens to fit king single bed,
doona cover,
bedsheet, pillow slips

Pillow provided
(you can bring your own if preferred)


Bath mat (if required)

Water bottle


Comfortable spring clothing
 Energetic Exchange or Investment for
"Renew and Reconnect" Weekend Retreat
Energetic Exchange for the weekend will be AU: $306 inclusive of accomodations, food, course materials and swag bag

We also offer group rates - See more information and rates on the registration page

Investment or Energetic Exchange: AU$306-
We also offer group rates - See more information and rates on the registration page
(Payment plans available. Please contact Retreat Manager directly at [email protected] to make arrangements)

This is a not-for-profit retreat and we change just enough to cover accommodation, food and overhead.
If you need to cancel within a month of the retreat, that is 24 of August and if we have a waitlist, we will try to resell your slot and return your funds, if that’s not feasible we will be unable to return your funds.

PS. If the Retreat has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions\lockdown, a full refund of your payment to us will be issued

This policy is to keep the cost per head at AU$306
We also offer group rates - See more information and rates on the registration page

Accomodating: 40 persons (registrants beyond 30 will be waitlisted and informed of such and again when/if space becomes available up to 30 days before the retreat)
Serpentine Retreat Center
48 Lewis Road, Serpentine Western Australia 6205

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