Please join us to increase awareness of Multiple System Atrophy. Our goal is to ride 45 miles from Santa Cruz to Monterey to bring attention to this rare disease and have fun riding bikes along the way. Lunch will be provided by our sponsor, TOGO's Sandwiches! 
Ride to raise mSA awareness
 Santa Cruz Harbor
 to Monterey Wharf
 October 10, 2021
 8:00 AM 
This event is organized by MSA patient, Dave Roe, along with his friends and family as a way to do something positive in the face of MSA.

This is Dave’s story:
“I was diagnosed with MSA in February 2020. I could no longer do the things I loved; hiking, running, and Bollywood dancing just to mention a few. Now, I can barely walk without assistance. About the only physical activity I can do without feeling the effects of MSA is riding a recumbent tricycle. While I still can, I want to bike from Santa Cruz to Monterey.

When I tell people my diagnosis, they’ve never heard of it or instead think I mean MS (multiple sclerosis). Many doctors have never heard of it.

To ride around the bay has been an inspiration of mine. Raising awareness and money is a way I can contribute to finding a cure. Please join us in supporting me and Defeat MSA Alliance to reach our dreams.”
Important Steps to Sign up:
1. Click the join us button above to register.
2. Order your t-shirt. Since this is a small ride, the primary goal is to raise awareness. For the first year, we hope to have matching t-shirts and keep the ride to two small groups, the faster group and the rest of us. See details in your registration email. 
3. Donate! A donation of 30$ is included in the t-shirt price but every little bit helps! Defeat MSA Alliance
4. Details on everything else will be included in your email.
5. Its too late to order a shirt to arrive before the event, but you can still order one here:

Multiple System Atrophy, also known as MSA, is a rare disease:
  • It generally strikes people in midlife
  • There is no known cause 
  • It is progressive and incurable, leading to death 
  • It affects men and women of all races and ethnicities. 
  • Tragically, the life expectancy for those diagnosed with MSA is typically only 5-10 years after diagnosis. 


MSA impairs the basic bodily functions that people take for granted every day: blood pressure, heart rate, bladder function, breathing, coordination, swallowing, and balance. Early on the symptoms may be subtle and be confused with Parkinson’s Disease, then progress to the point where the person becomes bedridden and unable to speak or swallow.


  • Talk about it! Someone you know may be in the early stages and be wondering why they are dizzy, unable to balance, falling, having difficulty urinating, acting out in their sleep, difficulty with writing or speaking and don’t realize these symptoms are related to a specific condition.
  • Donate!  MSA research receives little funding because it is a rare condition. Until more research is done, MSA is a death sentence for those who have it and devastating to their families.
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