Rise Up! featuring Sarah Anselment 
Nobody grows up wishing to be an addict. After battling a nearly 10 year drug addiction, Sarah Anselment didn’t think she would live to see 25. Here’s her story of a chaos filled Hell and how one prayer to God saved her.  

Sarah is a mom of 6, running her own social retail business from home, as an executive and top leader, where she helps women and men achieve their health goals. She also offers people their own opportunity and helps launch people to start their own business to make an income from home/phone.

She is also a Digital Creator on platforms Tik tok, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, where she shares her story, life lessons, talks about body positivity, mom life and more to inspire and encourage people everyday.

A hope dealer. Confidence builder. Life changer.

Mindology Mental Wellness Center
3333 W. Division Street, St. Cloud MN 56301
Date & Time
October 20, 2022, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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