How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi without Remote
Did you damage or lose your Roku remote? Are you thinking about how you can connect your Roku to a Wi-Fi network? We have a workable solution. Without using a remote, you can connect your Roku device to a Wi-Fi network. This involves a few steps, and you will likely need two mobile devices to do this. For more details on visit website.
Roku App
Roku has let out for its users an app. This app has the following features

1. For Private listening
2. Use this app for Voice search
3. You can share your memories on the TV screen via screen mirroring
4. Above all, you can use the Roku app as a remote control

Let us now see how to connect Roku to WiFi without using the remote
Connecting without the remote
On your device, enable the' Mobile Hotspot' option and tap' OK' to verify

1. If you share the same network connection with the Roku app and Roku computer, then the Roku app can readily regulate your device
2. Subsequently, make sure your Roku device and your mobile device are working on the same network
3. Go to the Roku app directly
4. To open Remote, click the Remote icon at the bottom of your screen
5. This remote design is comparable to the physical remote layout

Significantly, you can handle this virtual remote the same way you do with the standard remote
Alternate method to connect your Roku
You can remotely alter the app with swipes so rather than tap the buttons

1. Link another phone to' Mobile Hotspot' and launch the Roku App to update your settings
2. Choose' Network Settings' on your Roku player using Roku App on your mobile that is acting as a remote
3. You can alter the network settings for your computer by using the new wireless network
4. Turn your smartphone, turn off the mobile hotspot, and now connect it to the fresh wireless network you used for Roku
5. Additionally, you can use the Roku Mobile as an actual remote

For additional doubts regarding the Roku app, reach out to the customer care techies @ +1-844-839-1180 toll-free number, who extend their hands for the same.

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