The Benefits of using Niche SaaS Solutions
Join us on May 14th!
In this webinar, Erling Linde, CEO of CV Partner, and Dave Evans, Senior Principal at RV Anderson, engage in a discussion about industry trends and AI's impact on bids and proposals. Listeners can expect insights into niche vs. broad software considerations, RVA's perspectives on software implementation, training costs, and data integration. The conversation aims to provide valuable insights into navigating the evolving landscape of bids and proposals while offering a glimpse into the unique approaches and future plans of both CV Partner and RV Anderson.

  • Navigating Software Choices: The discussion sheds light on the considerations
    involved in choosing between niche and broad software solutions for bids and
    proposals, offering valuable insights into how companies like RVA approach this
    decision-making process.
  •  Implementation Insights: Listeners gain an understanding of the expectations
    RVA has during the implementation phase of new software, including
    considerations like rollout strategies, training costs, and data integration, which are
    crucial aspects for successful adoption.
  • Future Outlook: By exploring AI's role in bids and proposals and understanding
    CV Partner's integration of AI into its offerings, the conversation provides a
    forward-looking perspective on how technology advancements can enhance bidding processes, offering attendees a glimpse into the future direction of the industry.

Target Audience:
Professional Services Firms such as: Engineering Consultants, Construction Consultants.

Erling Linde, Founder and CEO of CV Partner
Dave Evans, Senior Principal Director, RV Anderson
Date & Time
May 14th, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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