Lights, Camera, Discussion
Join us on June 03
Yoyo, a non-speaking crabber living in seclusion by the river, finds an unexpected con-nection when he attends a public class designed to foster trust amongst individ-uals with mental disabilities. Through the "Trust Fall" exercise, he meets Aliana and an undeniable bond forms. As they immerse in shared moments by the marsh and on a boat amidst the glowing sunset, their trust deepens into love.
However, reality strikes as we discover that Yoyo's romantic escapade with Aliana is only a daydream. They have just been grouped together in the class, yet to start their exercise. As the sun sets, Yoyo, alone on his boat, falls backwards into the river, surrendering himself
to the embrace of his dreams.

With each ticket purchase ($5 to be collected on the event day), enjoy a complimentary drink and support the amazing production team!

Join us on this momentous event to celebrate vision, art and hard work!
The Narra Tree
7054 Hodgson Memorial Drive
Date & Time
June 3, 2024, 7:00 PM
Join us on June 03
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