Stareable Fest L.A.
L.A.'s Premier Indie TV & Web Series Festival
Join us for a 3-day celebration of groundbreaking new shows and the next wave of iconic creators, April 28-30 in Venice, Los Angeles, CA.
About Stareable Fest
Stareable Fest brings together all levels of the industry — TV fans, creators, and industry execs!

Join us for a 3-day TV and web series festival featuring groundbreaking new shows and the next wave of iconic creators, plus valuable guidance and insight from industry pros.

Stareable Fest features senior executives giving you the insight you need to break into the industry. Hear Vox Media’s Lily Ladewig lead a workshop on how to pitch your next TV show, listen to Daniel Kellison describe how he founded JASH and sold 10+ shows to Comedy Central, and attend a fireside chat with Diallo Riddle, the showrunner of IFC’s Sherman’s Showcase and HBO Max’s South Side.

Take in a fresh Pacific breeze while you stretch and get ready for the day during a morning beach yoga session, or talk about your next project at one of our speed networking parties. Go ahead and break out the neon clothing while you bring back vintage Venice Beach at our Saturday Night Dance Party, featuring your favorite 80s/90s old skool music, a world-renowned body painter and tarot card readings. Cheer the festival’s Official Selections as they compete on their 90 second elevator pitches to judges from MACRO and Sony. And break out your best night luxe for our award ceremony red carpet.

Our action-packed schedule includes:
Workshops, panels and discussions led by industry pros
— Learn what it takes to create successful TV from EMMY-nominated Diallo Riddle
— Find out how to get staffed with Aadip Desai
— Learn how to pitch from Lily Ladewig
— & more!
• Live 90-Second ‘Elevator Pitch’ competition
• Tons of opportunities to network with fellow creators & industry pros
— From beach yoga to happy hours with complimentary drinks, you're bound to find your next collab
 Saturday Night Dance Party with 80s/90s jams, body painting, glitter bar, tarot card readings & more!
• The Stareable Fest award ceremony

Hit us up: #StareableFest @stareable
Stareable Fest Highlights
Learn how to find creative success with Diallo Riddle, NAACP Image Award winning director, and EMMY and WGA nominated writer, actor, showrunner, and producer. Get insight on how to pitch your next concept from Lily Ladewig, Director of Original Programming at Vox Media Studios and many-time Executive Producer. 
Gain insight into the mind of an executive producer, including how they develop ideas into successful multi-season shows from Daniel Kellison, a multi-Emmy nominated TV producer/writer. Find out what it takes to get & stay staffed as a writer for a TV show with Aadip Desai, Indian American TV writer and BAFTA Breakthrough participant.
Enjoy the Pacific breeze while you stretch and get ready for the day during a beach yoga session run by professional yoga instructor Kayla Nguyen. You'll have ample opportunities to meet your fellow creators and industry pros during any of our many happy hours. Networking is easy at Stareable Fest. 
We're bringing back vintage Venice Beach with our Saturday Night Dance Party, featuring your favorite 80s/90s old skool jams by DJ D-Roc. World-renowned body painter Matt Deifer will be creating masterpieces of senses and light on willing participants. You don't want to miss Energy Master Ketty Nguyen's tarot readings offering spiritual guidance and counseling from a place of healing, self realization and empowerment.
Presenting Sponsors
Stareable Fest L.A. 2023 is presented by Dell Technologies and NVIDIA, making workstation and monitor solutions purpose-built for creators like you. #DELLinsidecircle #NVIDIACreators
Festival Sponsors
1st Release (2/7—3/4)
Day Pass — $12
3-Day Pass — $19

2nd Release (3/5-3/18):
Day Pass — $14
3-Day Pass — $24

3rd Release (3/19-4/1):
Day Pass — $17
3-Day Pass — $29

4th Release (4/2-4/15):
Day Pass — $19
3-Day Pass — $34

Final (4/16-4/30):
Day Pass — $24
3-Day Pass — $44

The Rose Room
6 Rose Ave, Venice, CA
A hidden gem production venue just steps to the ocean
Date & Time
April 28-30
Full Event Schedule 
Stareable Fest L.A. features the following talks, discussions, parties, gatherings, and screenings:
Stareable Fest LA Events
Talk & Discussion
Our "Meet the Showrunner" series has become a marquee Stareable Fest event, connecting creators to TV showrunners who can share insights on what it takes to create television shows on the biggest stages. Stareable's community is filled with creators who have showrun their own indie projects. How can you position your career to get bigger opportunities? How do modern showrunners approach their craft?
Meet the Showrunner
Sunday, April 30th at 5pm
Talk & Discussion
You’ve finished your project and now it’s time to pitch it to a producer, network, or studio. But producing a show is different from pitching one. When it comes to your pitch, you have to consider the structure, what to emphasize, and how to get executives interested in working together. Vox Media Studios’ Lily Ladewig will share how to do this and more.
Learn How To Pitch
Friday, April 28th at 3pm
Talk & Discussion
How does a devastatingly true 75 year old Nazi coverup get unearthed and land on Amazon Prime? It takes a dedicated and experienced team to go from raw material to series.

Learn from Executive Producer Russ McCarroll how the materials were discovered; how the project was created; the partnership between MGM and SIPUR that brought it to light; and it ended up premiering in the US on Amazon Prime.
Join The Discussion
Saturday, April 29th at 3pm
Talk & Discussion
Breaking into writing for TV has always been challenging. In the past, TV writers moved up the career ladder from season to season and show to show. But with today's shorter seasons, smaller writers' rooms, and squeezed compensation, breaking into writing for TV, and staying in, has never been harder.

Come hear TV writer and BAFTA Breakthrough Aadip Desai's journey to securing a staff writer position on a top TV show, his advice for emerging writers, and his approach to building his own career in the current landscape.
Learn How To Get Staffed
Saturday, April 29th at 11am
Talk & Discussion
Our 'Meet the EP' conversations help connect creators to established executive producers who can share insights on what it takes to develop, sell, and produce a television show in 2023.

Understand what producers are thinking when they sit across the table from you during a pitch meeting, hear what they think about which projects the industry actually wants, and learn how they develop ideas into compelling, long-form, multi-season TV shows.
Meet the EP
Friday, April 28th at 5:30pm
The 90-Second Pitch Competition
Stareable Official Selections pitch LIVE for 90 seconds apiece to top industry judges. Judges will provide instant feedback, allowing creators and audiences to learn from the experience. What would you say if you walked onto an elevator with execs from your dream studios?
Watch The Competition
Friday, April 28th at 9pm
Stareable Fest Awards Ceremony
Join us to help crown the best of the best in web series and indie TV.

Prizes will be awarded in 12 categories:
• Genre prizes: Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Unscripted
• Craft prizes: Best in Acting, Best in Writing, Best in Directing, Best in Editing, Best in Cinematography
• The Audience Award
• Best Female Creator, Sponsored by AMC Networks
• Best Virtual Filmmaker, Sponsored by Dell Technologies and NVIDIA
Attend the Awards Ceremony
Sunday, April 30th at 7pm
Explore and learn how Adobe’s AI-driven tools like Text-Based Editing make it easier and faster to generate content for everything from concept pitches to polished pilots.

Hosted by Vashi Nedomansky, ACE, the co-founder and owner of VashiVisuals. As an editor of over 11 Hollywood feature films and 50 national TV spots, Vashi has focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of post-production workflows. Join us to hear his tips on using tools to make your life as a creator easier and your creations even better.

This is for all creators, technical and non-technical.
Filmmaker Yoga on the Beach
Meet on the sand, between the Rose Room and the Pacific Ocean for a morning yoga session with professional yoga instructor Kayla Nguyen.

This is a Beginner Yoga/Gentle Stretch movement class — no yoga experience is required. Kayla will help you reset your mind and stretch your limbs for today’s screenings.

Don't forget to bring your own towel or yoga mat!
Filmmaker Yoga on the Beach
Sunday, April 30th at 11am
Saturday Night Dance Party
Go ahead and break out the neon clothing while you bring back vintage Venice Beach at our Saturday Night Dance Party, featuring your favorite 80s/90s old skool music, a world-renowned body painter, glitter bar, and tarot card readings.
Saturday Night Party
Saturday, April 29th at 8pm
Daily Happenings at Stareable Fest
Happy Hours & Creator Parties
Throughout your Stareable Fest weekend, we host several Happy Hour events and creator networking opportunities. We'll help you expand your industry network and find potential collaborators while you enjoy drinks and unparalleled vibes in a gorgeous L.A. beach setting.
Indie TV & Web Series Screenings
Fill your inspiration tanks with our diverse curation of creatively fearless, independent project screenings. From our hilarious comedies to jaw-dropping Sci-fi, thoughtful social commentaries to out-the-box animated adventures, you will discover your next favorite series at Stareable Fest L.A.!
In-depth Creator Workshops & Panels
Level up your creative toolkit and learn the inner workings of TV development from established show creators, producers, and execs. Stareable Fest provides various educational opportunities, from Virtual Production tech demos to interactive pitch workshops.

Our panels allow creators to join the conversation and share their thoughts on the industry’s most relevant hot-button topics.
Hotel Information
If you're coming from out of town, we've got recs.  
Book your room soon for the best rates.
Directly across from venue, economy choice, fewer amenities, contemporary feel

5 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Use code ROSEROOM10 while booking on the website to get 10% off reservations on 4/28, 4/29, 4/30.
15-minute walk from venue, vibrant, modern hotel, with a rooftop bar

1697 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291

Offering preferred rates of 20-30% off standard rates plus waived facility fees.
 Join us on April 28-30 in Venice

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