My Own Private Shakespeare
October 6 - 23, 2021
"When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions..."
Shakespeare, Hamlet

From a single fateful phone call taken reluctantly from the toilet, a Shakespearean actor finds his world collapsing around him. As the story unfolds, the unforgiving realities of his shattered life intertwine with Shakespeare's radiant, immortal text, while the man teeters dangerously close to the brink.

Written by and starring acclaimed actor Justin Hay, known for his performance in the 2017 filmed adaptation "Richard III - Unto the Kingdom of Perpetual Night", the play draws on some of the greatest and most powerful passages from Shakespeare to ask: Is it possible to find peace with the impossible paradoxes of life?

Directed by Mona Zaidi, award-winning South Asian Canadian director known for "Julius Caesar: In Shallows and In Miseries" and "Richard III: Unto the Kingdom of Perpetual Night", and described by Sir Kenneth Branagh as "excitingly ambitious... and full of imaginative talent".

Stage Manager/Sound Tech: Bridget Jankowski

A bold new one-person show heralding the return of groundbreaking live theatre to Toronto.
Assembly Theatre
1479 Queen St. W., Toronto
Date & Time
October 6 - 23, 2021

Wed-Saturday: 8:00pm

Wed-Thurs: $15.00
Fri-Sat: $18.00

The running time is approximately 50 minutes, with no interval. Social distancing and masks may be required. **Please note: as of Sept 22, all indoor events in Ontario will require proof of COVID vaccination.**

Recommended for ages 13+.

My Own Private Shakespeare contains themes of mental health, suicide and trauma.
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Proud to be a part of the return of live theatre.

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