Shelter Launch Party
Join us on June 30
You are invited to join us online as the global dog rescue community comes together to celebrate our combined achievement for dogs in Turkey.

When President Erdogan's late December speech triggered a war against dogs in Turkey, dog lovers all over the world united in an attempt to raise global awareness of the horrific events we witnessed.

We supported our fellow animal defenders as much as we were able but, overwhelmed by the volume of cruelty, Dog Desk Animal Action knew that we needed to get as many of these dogs to safety as we could.

Within just a few weeks we found a solution, an empty municipal shelter, & we dared to dream.

Dog Desk Animal Action came together with our dear friend, animal advocate Nilufer, our wonderful vet Dr V & our forward thinking mayor to bring hundreds of vulnerable dogs safely under our joint care.

This revolution in animal welfare is history in the making & would not have been possible without the support of hundreds of animal advocates around the world.

The shelter & clinic launch party is an opportunity to show you what you have achieved, introduce you to Nilufer, Dr V, the Mayor & of course your dogs. It is also an opportunity to say thank you for supporting this historic coming together of global communities to care for animals that belong to nobody. Animals that deserve to be cared for & loved by us all.

The event will be pre-recorded & broadcast online on Dog Desk Animal Action's website. A password will be required to access the event. Watch link & password will be sent to you post registration. The event will go live on the 30th at 7pm.

Date & Time
June 30, 2022, 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM
Join us on June 30
We look forward to hosting you!

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