Dramatic Results From the First Treatment
~ Learn the most important muscle and neuro-anatomy for shoulder and neck
~ Learn range of motion tests for diagnosis
Identify muscle groups and patterns of 'locked down' muscle
~ Learn simple treatment methods and tailor them to each patient
~ Watch your practice transform!
How This Can Benefit Your Practice
Shoulder and Neck Pain are two of the most common ailments that lead patients to seek help from bodywork and acupuncture therapists. No matter what area you focus your practice on, you will always have patients asking you for help with shoulder and neck pain.

These few simple manual techniques get instant measurable results that are clear to the patient in the vast majority of cases. Patients will see improvement in both pain and range of motion.

We made the mistakes so you don't have to! Over the years we have studied many techniques, all of which have great value. The core techniques we will teach you in this weekend still form the heart of what we do and for good reason. These techniques were taught to us ten years ago by a fantastic practitioner, Phil Macqueen. Since then, we have put them into practice with countless satisfied patients.

In many cases, these techniques are enough to fully treat the problem. In cases where more is needed, they can get you your powerful initial result and reduction in pain and then be supplemented with anything else you do. They are not designed to replace your current style of practice rather to assist you to be able to fully express your current approach.

Gaining confidence and respect from your patients in the  first consultation is essential in their decision to trust and book in with you longer term. When, after a few simple procedures, your patients see improvement, they will trust you to spend the time that you need to find and treat the deeper roots of their issues.
Going Deeper and Finding the Roots
We are also Chinese medicine practitioners and have experience in other modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong and sports massage. We have also trained with scores of other great teachers. From this extensive experience and accumulated knowledge we have mapped out all the different scenarios where these powerful techniques have limitations. For the first time in this seminar, we will be laying out our clinical experience and practical solutions for each scenario. While these situations are not the main focus of the weekend, we will be giving our insights on how to think about them and treat them. These scenarios include:

~ Significant blood stagnation causing a lot of pain or bruising
~ A 'trapped exterior' condition that needs release (also relates to headache, migraine)
~ Nerve impingement
~ Knots, Trigger Points or 'Ashi' Points
Frozen Shoulder

~ Muscle Tears
Neurological Issues
~ Issues at the bone level
~ Injuries - acute and chronic
~ Treating the elderly
Don't Take Our Word For It
The results speak for themselves. The number of times we have thanked Phil in our heads after having great success are too many to count. You can view the testimonials on Alex's website here. Alex also recorded a video of the recent testimonial of a patient who had severe pain in both shoulder and neck. Hear his experience of treatment below:
Who is this course for?
Alex and James are both Chinese medicine practitioners who treat pain problems mainly with massage and acupuncture. So this is ideal for practitioners and students of Chinese medicine therapies. However, because the main techniques taught on the weekend do not require any Chinese medicine training, practitioners and students of other kinds of bodywork therapies are also very welcome. 
About the Speakers
Alex Jacobs
Alex is a degree qualified Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Tuina Massage practitioner currently working in West Hampstead. He also teaches Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese Dietary Therapy.  He is a clinical supervisor on the BAAB accredited acupuncture course at City College of Acupuncture. He is the current president of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and is also a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He took a leading role in writing the guidelines for practice during Covid and getting practitioners back to work.

Alex became interested in Chinese medicine while studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan. Inspired by the high competence of doctors that he saw and the results that they got with patients, he decided to devote his life to acquiring the highest standards possible in practice.

Alex has extensive experience in both clinical practice and teaching. He is the founder of the London Chinese Medicine meetup group teaching Chinese medicine self-help to the public on a monthly basis for over ten years. He was the conference organiser for the RCHM for 8 years and has taught many seminars and courses for practitioners himself on a wide variety of topics. 
James Moss
James is a degree qualified acupuncture practitioner offering various modalities including Acupuncture, acupressure, Sports Massage and Tui-Na massage. His practice of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Aikido over the past 20 years lead to a passion for health development and an interest in health from an eastern perspective. Graduating at Middlesex University, James is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. During his practice at Asante clinic as well as in the pain clinics at the Whittington, Royal Free and North Middlesex Hospitals, he developed a specific interest in musculoskeletal and stress related issues. By offering his clients a treatment plan from a more holistic perspective, James aims to address the root cause of the health concern and so provide an effective treatment. He has additional training in musculoskeletal conditions and different Japanese styles of Acupuncture.

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We have been wanting to teach this material for a while. We decided to do it together because we not only have a lot of experience to share with you, we also wanted to learn from each other. In this course you are getting the insights from two very experienced practitioners for the price of one! 

You will find the impact on your practice and confidence will be considerable as we found when we first learned this 10 years ago. You can ask any other practitioner who learned with Phil originally and they will tell you the same thing. We know the value that this course provides and we are excited to share it with you and see you succeed! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop Alex a line any time at [email protected]
City College of Acupuncture
University House, 55 East Road, London N1 6AH
Date & Time
May 27 - May 28, 2023
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Alex Jacobs

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Tuina Massage Practitioner 
Qi Gong and Tai Chi Teacher
President of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
James Moss

Acupuncturist, Tuina Massage, Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapist
ScarWork Therapist
 Join us on May 27 and 28th
We look forward to seeing you at the talk!

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