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The survey after the 1st GRC Roundtable showed that communication with management is one of the biggest challenges and it's hard to be heard and understood internally.

Communication with all types of stakeholders in a project is essential, and at the top of the task list. The stakeholders are not only in a position to enable a project, but also to advocate for it within the organization and the executive suite. Effective interaction with the stakeholders is vital for the project’s success, along with the development of trust and goodwill.

But what's the best way to communicate so that you are understood? We are happy to address this topic and look forward to the agenda below!

As always: sales peoples (incl. CEO's and Founders), vendors, consulting companies like the big4 and all peoples who just like to sell their products or services are not allowed to take part at SIGS events. In addition - at this special platform - only participants from end customers are admitted.
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February 8th, 2024
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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3:00 pm
Christina Lekati, Senior Social Engineering Trainer & Consultant at Cyber Risk GmbH

Improving Cybersecurity Culture Through Behavioral Science
What does it take from a cybersecurity professional to be heard in their organization and spread their message about the importance of cybersecurity to both the leadership and the other employees? And if that wasn’t already hard enough, what does it take to lead behavior change and build a cybersecurity culture? It has become clear that technical cybersecurity measures need to operate in harmony with, and be applied by people. Today’s workforce needs to practice good cyber security habits to protect the assets they handle, and their organization.

If only it was that easy. Convenience, productivity requirements and other organizational realities are often competing in people’s minds, making them conclude that cybersecurity is simply an “inconvenience” that they soon decide to ignore. On the other hand, security professionals, who were originally focused on securing technology alone, are now tasked with a vastly different requirement: to lead behavioral change within their organization.

This presentation discusses the psychological elements & behavioral science involved in shifting the leadership’s and the users’ perspectives towards cybersecurity and in driving behavioral change. It will discuss the elements that drive motivation, people’s perception of risk & reward, the psychology of wilful compliance, and more. Ultimately, this topic aims to help security managers & executives to communicate cybersecurity matters more effectively & implement the necessary security requirements that employees need to practice within their organization.
4:00 PM
Coffee break
4:30 PM
Moderated roundtalbe discussion - let's dive into the topic and actively discuss it and share our experiences!
6:00 PM
End of Roundtalbe Discussion and Apéro
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Christina Lekati
Senior Social Engineering Trainer & Consultant at Cyber Risk GmbH
Further information at Christina Lekati | LinkedIn
Hannes Lubich
​​​​Jürgen Stückle
Cyber Security Advisor at BearingPoint
Further information at Jürgen Stückle | LinkedIn
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