SIGS Roundtable & Barbecue Event

Join us on August 24th, 2023 and earn 3.0 CPEs

(registration will be closed August 23rd, 2023 - seats are limited)
Meet with and be inspired by like-minded peers who face a similar set of challenges. Share strategies for mitigating the most current information security threats. A friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere will ensure that you leave this event with a new wealth of trust-based contacts and tangible takeaways.
The unique strength of this event is that members can feel free to share concerns, successes, and feedback in a one-to-one environment.

This is a ‘must attend’ event for all security operation professionals! We are confident that the relationships you develop here will prove to be crucial to your continuing success. So do not wait and register!

Looking forward to see you there,
your SIGS team

As always: sales peoples (incl. CEO's and Founders), vendors, consulting companies like the big4 and all peoples who just like to sell their products or services are not allowed to take part at SIGS events.
Meienbreitenstrasse 9
Rümlang (near Airport)

August 24th, 2023, 2:30 pm - open end incl. dinner

Transfer & Parking
There's a shuttle from the train station in Rümlang available.
Parking lots at the location are available for free.

Participation Fee
We request EUR 99.-- during the registration. You will get your money back if you where there.
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2:30 pm
Registration & welcome coffee
3:30 PM
Welcome & short introduction from the organization
4:00 PM
Start of first round of discussion for around 50 minutes. There will be 10 different roundtables and you can attend at two different tables means topics.

Roundtable 1: Panaseer

The drivers and challenges to automating data-driven cyber controls monitoring and reporting
Data is king. But, proactively reporting on Security Posture, Controls Status, Tools Coverage, and exposure to Threat Scenarios is an enormous recurring time sink for cyber professionals, risk managers, and asset owners to undertake. Automating data collection, correlation, transformation, and metrics and reporting creation is the obvious answer, but there is a lack of standardisation or acceptance on standing up such a data-driven capability in Cyber. And - it's a hard technical challenge to engineer just right for your unique business.

Let's explore:
- the increasing internal and external pressures for standing up such an initiative,
- what folk have done so far,
- what controls you care most about monitoring,
- how long we can get away with manual reporting,
- and the key business objections and technical challenges that are getting in the way.

Roundtable 2: Jay Christiansen, Manager and Lead of the Mandiant EMEA Red Team 
(Details will follow)

Roundtable 3: Elier Cruz, Global Enterprise Security Architect, Check Point

Building Bridges: Integrating Zero Trust, Cybersecurity Mesh, and AI
In this roundtable we discover how to weave together Zero Trust, Cybersecurity Mesh, and AI into a robust cybersecurity fabric. We'll discuss the synergies and potential conflicts, share best practices, and outline a roadmap to successful integration, equipping you with the insights to enhance your security strategy.

Roundtable 4: Intel471

Target CTI Professionals across multiple industries 
Gaining access to corporate networks has become big business in the underground, as it enables ransomware attacks, hacktivists, data theft, extortion and a host of other threats. Join as us we discuss how you can become proactive in ensuring that your perimeter does not offer attackers any opportunity to penetrate your security by looking at current best practices for staying secure.

Roundtable 5: xxx

Roundtable 6: xxx

Roundtable 7: xxx

Roundtable 8: xxx

Roundtable 9: xxx

Roundtable 10: xxx

4:50 PM
Short break and change the roundtables
5:10 PM
2nd turn roundtable discussions
6:00 PM
Apéro and elevator pitches from some hopefully interesting start ups
7:00 PM
Barbecue & networking till open end
Contributors & Moderators
Below you will find our contributors and speakers to whom we say a big thank you !

Contributors & Co-Moderators
Bruce Nikkel
Cybercrime Intelligence & Forensic Investigation at UBS / Professor Berner Fachhochschule
Further information at Bruce Nikkel | LinkedIn
Sven Schaub
Project Leader at Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste Bern
Further information at Sven Schaub | LinkedIn

Roundtable Moderators
Jay Christiansen
Manager and Lead of the Mandiant EMEA Red Team
Further information at Jay Christiansen | LinkedIn
Elier Cruz
Global Enterprise Security Architect
Further information at Elier Cruz | LinkedIn
Further information at xxx | LinkedIn
Further information at xxx | LinkedIn
Further information at xxx | LinkedIn
Further information at xxx | LinkedIn
Further information at xxx | LinkedIn
Further information at xxx | LinkedIn
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