Orbert Davis' Soul Migration 
Join us on Friday, October 20
Orbert Davis' Soul Migration draws on the stories of the 6 million African Americans who took part in America's 'Great Migration', fleeing the Jum Crow South to the industrial North. A seven-movement epic across time and space, Soul Migration celebrates the consciousness of a people and the enduring communities that they build.

Composed by Orbert Davis in 2016, the piece was commissioned by the Chicago Jazz Festival marking the centennial of the Great Migration's launch.

"I was motivated to write a seven-movement work that would depict more than the geographical movement of a people. I wanted it to be a celebration of the consciousness of the people...the collection of "souls" that build strong communities. The stories of "Soul Migration" reflect the Chicago African American experience, but are universally humanistic sagas of survival, strength, and heritage" says Davis.
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Parking & Transportation

The Kehrein Center of the Arts (KCA) is located 3 blocks south of the Central stop on the Green Line. There are several bus stops within a block of the venue.

Parking Lots:
2 lots immediately North of the KCA, accessible via Parkside or Central (West side)
1 lot just North of Washington Blvd on the East side of Central

Street Parking:
Central Avenue
East side of street north of Washington, West side of street
South of Washington Blvd
1 blockNorth of Washington Blvd (NOT in first block north of Washington Blvd.)
Washington Blvd
Both sides, East and West of Central Avenue

Kehrein Center for the Arts
5628 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60644, USA
Date & Time
Friday, October 20, 2023, 7:00 PM 
 Join us on October 20 
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