Soulful Leader Lounge      
June 29 
Insert a little pause....
Summer can feel like a fire hydrant of just SO MUCH.

Leaders need to intentionally insert time to simply reset if they want to thrive long-term.

That's a primary driver for Soulful Leader Lounge. (AND in this current world, we need as many Soulful Leaders as possible!)

Connect and collaborate with like-minded women leaders facing many of the same challenges as you (with a dash of inspiration):
√ Getting it all done in not-quite-enough time
√ What is my "intuitive style" and how does it guide me (can I trust it?)
√ Are my standards too high? How can I tell?
√ How do I get grounded at different times during the day?

The best way to create a new path is:
√ Connect with what's true (the good and the "Ack!")
√  Embrace all of you (while leveraging your hidden gifts)
√  Take small steps to shift into a new, wildly supportive rhythm

I'll offer some teaching points, a meditation to create a moment of quiet to break up the "busy" energy, and coaching support in response to questions/challenges.

It could be the hour that changes everything...

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Date & Time
June 29, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
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I look forward to connecting with you (about things that matter!)

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