Discover YOUR Unique POWER for Success at the Soul Inspiring Business Retreat
Join us September 18-19th for a powerful retreat specifically designed for real estate professionals who want to operate beyond competition with confidence, integrity and professional magnetism!
➡︎  Are you feeling overwhelmed by the noise and feeling like you are fading into the background?

➡︎ Are you second-guessing your decisions and getting easily distracted by shiny objects?

➡︎ Are you worried that you don’t have what it takes to endure a difficult market?

➡︎ Are you losing inspiration with every disappointing result?

Imagine feeling SUPER INSPIRING about your business, the incredible conversations with the clients you are working with and the abundance of sales you are having!

Imagine waking up feeling excited about the tasks for the day and it feels like everything is coming towards you - without having to grasp and control everything.

Your business growing, your marketing and messaging flowing, clients glowing and money snowing! (Cheezy I know) But, what if you manifested incredible experiences every day in your business, so it is simply just WHO YOU ARE?!?

So, when a tricky transaction or decision that is challenging and potentially toxic comes along (this is business life after all) .. you are already ‘THE ONE’ who can handle the experience like a PRO .. and come out with more skills, more growth and even more fortitude! Clearing your energy and mindset and realigning easily and with Grace. Gaining massive trust and respect in your industry and community.

Come join us on September 18th-19th in Colorado Springs!
Cheyenne Mountain
3225 Broadmoor Valley Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Date & Time
September 18, 2023, 8:00 AM - September 19, 2023 - 7:00 PM
Meet Kara Chaffin Donofrio
Kara Chaffin Donofrio has lived and breathed Real Estate for over 20 years. From working as a solo agent to leading several profitable real estate offices, overseeing 200+ agents and over $2 billion in sales transactions, and now to the creation of her own boutique, soul aligned team of professionals, she has incredible knowledge of the market, the industry and how to best serve clients. She is a sacred leader and host of the popular podcast, Soul Inspiring Business, believing that each of us is uniquely positioned for incredible growth and expansion in our business and life. When you can integrate soul purpose and business, you unlock the door to miracles, opportunities, and abundance.
Meet Jen Cudmore
Entrepreneur Alignment & High Level Success Coach to Entrepreneurs and high performing Real Estate professionals, Jen has a unique gift that takes your money and your business to another level, beyond where you have been before.  Her approach embraces the innovation of her unique style of Business Kinesiology™, to find out EXACTLY what is holding you back from being your best, working in Alignment with your unique brand and money archetypes - activating incredible authentic clarity and positioning in your market!

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Meet Jake Dreyfuss
Jake is a 20 year real estate veteran who built a $250M dollar sales team across three states and two countries and is currently a partner in 5 real estate brokerages with over 1,200 agents and $3 billion in sales annually. He is passionate about working as a personal strategist for the most aligned and driven agents in the country. Jake has a unique talent of removing non-revenue generating tasks from the plates of business owners and creating models & systems that allow for the businesses to grow and scale with ease! As founder of Bright Pink Socks Strategy Partners, Jake partners with real estate agents all over the world to create an unmatched amount of leverage and power to expand!

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 Come Join Us September 18-19th! 
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Here's how day one will flow:
7am - 8am  Jen & Kara: Complementary Manifesting Walk where we will be walking in nature and tapping into a deeper part of our souls, with a walking visualization and connection to your next level of evolution as a Soul Inspiring Entrepreneur

9am - 9:30am Kara: Introductions GETTING INSPIRED! What is it to live in a place of soul-inspiration? What that could mean for your business?

9:30am-11:00am Jen: Knowing who you really are in business … activating your Brand archetypes, understanding your soul blueprint and how it can be used for good in your business. It is easy to make business way more complicated than it needs to be. When you understand that you have 2 superpowers (your brand archetypes) that are completely connected to your most Soul Inspiring Self … THAT YOUR CLIENTS ARE LOOKING FOR … it is easy to think clearly about your goals and feel confident you were made to achieve them! Knowing your brand archetypes allows you to access your best self and most importantly your future success and biggest most soul-inspiring contribution. This creates a massive shift in your energy, and the energy of your business.
Clarity is KING/QUEEN especially in a tough market, and the process, Jen will take you through, will leave no doubt in your mind about your ability to do amazing things in the world!

11:00 - 11:30 Break & Fresh Air

11:30 - 1:00pm Money Money Money … Let’s get you connected to your unique soul-inspiring money making energy with your money archetypes. You have 3 and they weave an incredible force in your business. You will more deeply understand your strengths, and know which strategies are aligned for you to naturally attract sales and opportunities. This saves so much second-guessing and copying and concern! This clarity is exciting and will give you new vigor in your marketing and opportunity creating endeavors … and renew your passion in your business! Plus you will see clearly where you are not stepping up - so you can confidently reset and recommit to growing your business, knowing you are absolutely designed with the gifts and strengths to do so!

Lunch and Connection

1-2:30pm …. Enjoy the beautiful lunch we have provided for you. We have given you some extra time to get to know each other in the beautiful surroundings. Or, slip up to your room for a quiet moment , whatever feels aligned for you. We have purposely given you a generous space of time to reset and integrate the morning … ready for an information packed afternoon.

2:30pm Kara: Return to grounded meditation & case study. Why working from a brand and money archetypes helps you make decisions, manifest money and opportunities that will give you joy and pleasure. Kara will show her brand, discuss the journey ….and tell the story.

3:30pm Jake … Why you matter, and how that can create massive success in your life through sharing your unique, powerful and memorable story.

4:45 - 5:00pm short break

5:00pm - 5:15pm Panel with Jake, Jen & Kara: This will be our chance to review questions and learnings from the day

5:15 - 5:50 pm Jen: Clearing the Blocks - Business Kinesiology™ Learn how to clear your energy when you are feeling defeated or worried about sales

5:50-6:00pm Kara:  Day one closing & meditation
Here's how day two will flow:
7am - 8am  Kara: Manifesting Walk  

9am - 10am Kara opening meditation & designing your day for a Soul Inspiring Business

10am - 11:00am Jake - The Soul-Inspiring CEO Method™ Learn the tricks and tips to offload non-revenue generating tasks and from your plate and implement strategies that will grow your business beyond where you have been before - even in a tough market. Understand the 5 Diamond Model customer success model that will help you easily stand out from the crowd!

11-11:30am Break & Fresh air

11:30am Kara … Soul Inspiring Business Sales Speak™ ? How to hold ALL YOUR CLIENTS in high regard and treat them with respect, while owning your power with grace and ease. Learn to use the art of communication to guide sellers and buyers to a great outcome without being salesy or manipulative … Learn how Kara works spiritually to help her clients with hard life situations, and difficult sales situations. Learn how when you are a gift wherever you go .. it pays dividends and you get to work in integrity .. playing the long game, where everyone wins. People will remember you, even if they don’t know how you were holding them on a soul level for their Highest Good. It's too easy to drop your standards when the market is scarce, but when you have a soul-inspiring business you are operating beyond your competition from you Highest Self .. so you are immune to fear and always operating with your clients best interest at heart.

1:00pm - 2:00pm Lunch Enjoy the lunch we have provided and take a break processing all the learning from the day so far!

2:00 - 3:00pm Jake: Managing teams with integrity and soul inspiration. Know your values and design a business that embraces those values from the beginning so you can scale with ease. You can have it all and you deserve it. You just have to step up and take it.

3:00 - 4:00pm Jen: Getting clear on your Vision … and going bigger. Tapping into your Highest best Self and downloading a bigger picture of what you can achieve .. .And clearing the blocks in the way! Sometimes you can’t see what is truly possible because it's like you are looking through a dusty windshield. This dust could be some of the experiences you have had in the past, like past business failures, divorce, bankruptcies, problems with children and family, a childhood trauma or abuse. It could be because you are not seeing clearly your own power and keep seeing yourself through the eyes of others, or wish to covet the success of others, overlooking your own gifts or worse - giving your power away. Lets clear your energy, your nervous system, and brain pathways so you are free to tap into what is possible for you .. when you are Soul Inspiring and Aligned!

4:00 - 4:15pm Break & Fresh Air

4:15 - 4:45pm Panel with Jen, Jake & Kara: This will be our chance to review questions and learnings from the day

4:45 - 5:00pm Kara: Finishing meditation

5:00 - 6:00pm Optional … Get one on one help in the room with Jake, Jen and Kara, complete your business plans and models anything you need clarity on. We are here to help you with anything to make sure you leave feeling complete and SOUL-INSPIRING!
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- What is the closest major airport? Denver International Airport (There is also an airport in Colorado Springs if you would prefer to land closer to the resort)

- How far is the event from the Denver International airport? 86 miles or about 1.5 hours by car

- How do I reserve a hotel room? Consult this website as soon as possible as rooms are limited. Here is also another alternative that is close by.

- Are meals included? Lunch is included both days as well as snacks and water

- What should I bring? In addition to a fun and energetic energy please bring some activewear and a warm sweatshirt in case the room is cold. Dress for the retreat is casual

- If I have additional questions who do I ask? Jake Dreyfuss 215-896-0119, [email protected]

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