Friday Night Oct. 28, 7pm
It's Time to Paaarty!
The time has come for space to be fun! The Space Cowboy Ball is an awards ceremony, live music concert, masquerade ball, and a dance party - all in one.  We recognize the best space educators and inspirers, the best of Hollywood and sci-fi, and leaders who are Opening the Frontier. Proceeds go to EarthLight's "Permission to Dream" endowment to support space research and education by and for members of under-included groups.
Grand Ballroom
AT&T Executive Conference Center
University of Texas
1900 University Ave.
Austin, Texas
Date & Time
Oct. 28, 2022
7 PM - 12 AM
the airlock is open
Sure, there are other parties out there. But where else can you dress up like your favorite sci-fi character, or just throw on a cowboy or girl outfit, or a tux - and dance with Real Space people (or people who play space people on TV)? Space Cowboy is the culmination of the New Worlds 2022, a space event featuring astronauts, scientists, engineers, Hollywood science fiction people, and folks who Do Space, and we are throwing open the airlock so you can come and hang out with us!

Get your Space On!
(It's Austin. Wear what you Feel!)
Question: What will you wear to a party on Mars in 100 years?
(Tux & jeans are fine, just call it retro!)
Permission to Dream Award
For the best space educator.
Your ticket price helps fund our work to support space education and research by young members of under included groups.
Buy alone, or as part of the New Worlds 2022 package.
Space Cowboy Award

Who will win this year?
(Jeff Bezos - Winner, 2018)
We may or may not announce the winner before the Ball.
(We didn't announce this guy!)
Permission to dance?
Spacers Gather Here
Look, we know there are a lot of great events out there. But from the moment you walk into the room, you will know New Worlds is different. We are not fans. We are Spacers. People getting it done. People making things happen. Leaders of the Space Revolution.
We combine hardcore real-world science, engineering, policy, and facts with art, music, culture, and storytelling by some of the best speakers in the Solar System. We include a wide variety of voices as well.
Left, right, center - doesn't matter to us.
After all, we are opening New Worlds for everyone!
Your Hosts
Marques Anderson
Founder,, World Education Foundation
Former NFL player. Consultant, Earnst & Young’s Luminary Network, technologist, translator at the nexus of ancient, modern and future societies.
Rick Tumlinson
Founder, SpaceFund, EarthLight Foundation, Space Frontier FOundation
Coined the term "NewSpace" and led the Revolution of Musk & Bezos. Visionary, writer, speaker, policy leader with deep Texas roots.
Karissa Winters
FOunder - Viva TExas film festival
Children’s book writer, published multiple albums/songs, created movie and TV scripts, started a clothing line, a product line, an art gallery, and a publishing company.
Musical Performers
EarthLighters believe in honoring our culture, even as we evolve our spirits. Music is and will be our highest language.
Aaron Hermes
Synth - Sitar
Combining the ancient with the future, Aaron eases us into and out of our "spacey" place.
David Pulkingham
"The Entertainer"
He's played with Bruce Springsteen, Robert Plant, Patty Griffin, and many more. Now he plays for us with his amazing all-star band of top-flight Austin musicians.
Emily Grace-Clark
Singer, preacher, champion of the homeless, Emily has the voice of an angel.
What is Permission to Dream?
Permission to Dream refers to our belief that we each create our own dreams, and have the right to pursue them.
No one "out there" can give us that Permission and No One can take it away.

PTD is a project designed to raise contributions leading to the formation of an endowment able to perpetually fund inspiring projects and programs for younger dreamers, and as the endowment grows, to be able to fund higher level education and research opportunities - the sorts of name and reputation building tools anyone needs to succeed in what is literally the most high-level field of our time.

100% of funds we raise beyond the cost of the Ball will be split 50/50 with STEAM Space Education inc, a not for profit spun off from EarthLight in 2019, and the rest going into a sequestered PTD launchpad account. As we hit our first milestones, those funds will be placed into a professionally managed fund. Within one year of hitting our first $100k milestone we will begin giving out a portion of the growth of the fund, while re-investing the rest, to grow the fund further.

Permission to Dream refers to our belief that we each create our own dreams, and have the right to pursue them.
No one "out there" can give us that Permission and No One can take it away.

EarthLighters believe the space beyond our MotherWorld belongs to anyone and everyone who is willing to put their lives on the line and go there. To us, this literally means Everyone.

While in these early days, it is government and the wealthy who are opening the airlock, for us, it is important that as it swings open, any human being who has the "right stuff" should be invited through, not out of charity, but as a vital and important member of the human team.

Unfortunately, as in so many parts of our culture, opportunities for those not already "In" the space field or community are lacking. What those of us with greater position, privilege, and power can do, is to inspire those dreams, and help those dreamers become the leaders and heroes of their own stories.
What is the EarthLight Foundation?
New Worlds 2022, The Space Cowboy Ball, Permission to Dream, and the New Worlds Institute are part of the EarthLight Foundation, an international 501c3 charitable education and research organization registered with the IRS and the Texas Secretary of State. EarthLight and its affiliates and DBAs do not participate in lobbying, nor do we have any political affiliations.

What do we Believe?
The EarthLight Foundation is built around the idea that humanity is here for a grand and exciting Purpose. The New Worlds Institute is focused on space policies and ideas, and "Permission to Dream" is being formed as a stand-alone endowment to support research and education - focusing on under-included groups. While the other sites are currently under construction, you can read more about EarthLight philosophy on our website here:
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Arcade City
Our Policies
Inclusion & Diversity
By the very nature of our core beliefs and the work in which we are engaged, EarthLight and its affiliated organizations are a celebration of humanity in all its forms. The achievement of our goals is based on all who support or join us taking a stand that we must all Rise together, and that the airlock to the Frontier must be opened by all for all.
Earth and the Environment
As above, EarthLight itself stands for a new and dramatically increased awareness of, and change in, how we understand and care for our MotherWorld. It is central to us that life is to be treasured, no matter where we find it, and that as the stewards of this tiny bubble, it is our job to utilize our knowledge and space technology to both help heal her, even as we carry her seeds to worlds now dead.

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