Special Considerations for EMDR with Autistic and ADHD Clients- Part 2- Advanced 
On-Demand, Self-Paced Webinar with Options for EMDRIA and APA Approved CE's available 
About the Course
Since the inception of the original training, research and collective learning around Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy have flourished. This has led to the birth of a vibrant Facebook group for ND Affirming EMDR, which now boasts over 3K members. The use of EMDR has also evolved, moving away from the original ableist approaches to a more comprehensive understanding that trauma can be experienced by clients due to the misinterpretation of their neurotype. Through this training, you will be at the forefront of these exciting developments, learning about the latest uses of EMDR with neurodivergent clients. And find out about the next two trainings that are coming after!

In this advanced version of the first training, which adheres to a Neurodiversity Affirming paradigm, you will receive an understanding of:
* PDA (Persistent Demand for Autonomy),
*Neurodivergent Masking
*Autistic Burnout
*How Trauma Presents for All Three
*ND Affirming Cognitive Interweaves
*Common ND Blocking Beliefs
*Use of Parts Work to Support ND Clients
*Case Conceptualizations to Practice New Skills Together
*Useful Handouts to Bring into the Therapy Room
and so much more!
3+ hours of Self-Paced Content
Meet the Instructor
Christine MacInnis, LMFT, is a certified EMDR therapist, approved consultant and distance learning trainer with EMDRIA. As an AuDHD clinician and EMDR client herself, she has found many adaptations that make EMDR more effective for autistic and ADHD clients. It is now her passion to share them all with you. For the past 8 years, she has owned a group practice in Torrance, CA, that focuses on the unique needs of neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+ clients, couples, and their families. She is also licensed in Arizona and Ohio. 
I just wanted to give you such a heartfelt thank you for being a voice for affirming EMDR. I have taken your (Part 1) training and absolutely loved it! This is what my clients need, and I am learning and relearning so much. Thank you
- Regan S.
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