Strathclyde Forensics traces its origin back to February 2009 when Basil Manoussos, a new digital forensics consultant started working in the field after graduating with his MSc in Forensic Informatics, from the University of Strathclyde
Strathclyde Forensics operated as a sole-practitioner private entity until it took its final form as a limited company. It has its registered address in Edinburgh (Scotland) but it operates in all parts of the United Kingdom. 
Armed Forces Legal Action
Members of Armed Forces Legal Action (AFLA)

Strathclyde Forensics Ltd provides a discount of 50% off its fees for self-funded members of HM Armed Forces and veterans, and pro-bono services where possible. This excludes cases where Legal Aid can be obtained by their solicitor.

Please contact us for further details.
Criminal cases
Criminal cases make the news more often than civil ones, and as such they inspire a lot of television and cinema productions. 
Digital Evidence in criminal cases is becoming ever more important, as electronic devices are carried by everybody, victims, perpetrators and witnesses.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we leave a digital footprint, and that creates a problem, or an opportunity, depending on which side of the case you are.

Our expertise and experience allow us to help lawyers navigate the labyrinths of digital evidence in all kinds of criminal cases.

As a lawyer, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence and uncover any form of digital while defending your client. Strathclyde Forensics is your trusted partner in this journey.
Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

Crimes with a sexual element, most importantly when they involve children, are especially heinous.

Unfortunately, the web is littered with this material, and our world is filled with people who watch it, and even worse, produce it.

These are complicated cases and the defence must understand the evidence used against their client.

It is paramount for our legal system to be able to distinguish the guilty from the innocent, and that relies upon the understanding of digital evidence by the prosecutors, the police, and in the end by jurors and judges.

Strathclyde Forensics has more than 15 years of experience in dealing with CSAM material and working in these kinds of cases.

Our recent research and collaborations from around the world, have shown the gaps in understanding digital evidence by prosecutors result in charging innocent people and wasting public money and resources on the wrong cases. These cases can easily destroy lives when not properly handled and the wrong people end up being accused. Strathclyde Forensics is here to provide you with context for the defence; either establishing the innocence or equally confirming the evidence against the accused.

Another part of our work is investigating on behalf of parents and partners/spouses when there is a fear of online sexual grooming and other abuse.
Civil cases
Digital evidence in civil cases is often overlooked unless it is immediately evident to a lawyer.

Identifying digital evidence is often a bigger hurdle than lawyers can anticipate. Financial, family and employment disputes; all have a significant digital footprint associated with them. 
Strathclyde Forensics has worked on a wide range of civil cases, from divorces to financial disputes to property and contracts.

We help lawyers identify (in the first instance) the presence of digital evidence in their cases. This may not sound like a lot, but the complexity of digital evidence and concepts like IoT, make it hard for someone with a non-technical background to evaluate to its full extent. 

We also help lawyers develop their strategies and their next steps. We help lawyers protect their clients(and their cases) from unwelcome surprises during litigation.
Employment Tribunals
Probably the one part of civil litigation where we have been most heavily involved is that related to Employment Tribunals and internal employment investigations. 
Employment cases are often handled internally, through Human Resources, that need additional expertise to make sense of the complexities of digital evidence. Some cases may go straight to an Employment Tribunal.

Occasionally, some cases will be seen through both internal processes and subsequently to an Employment Tribunal, or another civil court. In some instances, things will involve criminal courts.
Private Clients
A substantial part of our work does not see the publicity of the news or go to court. Private clients often deal with sensitive issues that require professionalism, discretion, and sensitive handling. 
CPD & Training
Strathclyde Forensics provides CPD and training to the legal profession, businesses, charities, government and the public.

We have been developing and delivering the Law Society of Scotland Cybersecurity Certification Course.

Privately we provide certified CPD training to legal professionals in the areas of:

a. Digital Evidence for Criminal Lawyers
b. Digital Evidence for Civil and Employment Lawyers
c. Identifying and handling Digital Evidence for legal professionals.
d. Chain of custody, storage and preservation of Digital Evidence
e. Digital Evidence for Prosecutors (new)
f. Digital Evidence for Prosecuting War Crimes (new)

In addition to the above, we provide:

i. Cybersecurity & Cyberthreat Awareness for Managers
ii. Cyberthreat Awareness [course for a general audience] for businesses and charities
iii. Threat-specific courses and seminars/webinars [online scams, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, crypto scams etc.)

Our People
Basil Manoussos, BSc,MSc,MBCS,ACSFC
director &
Expert Witness
Basil Manoussos is an Expert Witness, with more than 15 years of experience in digital evidence & Cybercrime and has more than 37 years of diverse industry experience.

He has designed (and delivers) the Cybersecurity Certification for Lawyers, on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland. He has also provided pro-bono training on Digital Evidence to the National Ukrainian Bar Association (UNBA) and he is a guest speaker to several UK and foreign universities and colleges.

He has provided training to INTERPOL's Project Leader (and CPX SIRIUS). In June 2024, Basil brought the INTERPOL Digital Forensics Expert Group Meeting (DFEG2024) to Edinburgh, at Edinburgh Napier University, for the first time in Scotland.

He is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and the Manager of The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University.

Basil is registered at the Roster of Experts of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Dr Adrian Smales
Dr Adrian Smales has extensive experience in network forensics and analytics.

He has conducted extensive research in Health Informatics and he has vast industry experience under his belt including being the IT Manager of the Natural History Museum. and the founder of a high-tech startup.

Adrian's expertise in healthcare technologies, from wearables to IoT and medical devices, is invaluable to Strathclyde Forensics' ability to provide insight into relevant forensic investigations.

His recent presentation at the INTERPOL DFEG2024 Meeting, was widely acclaimed and it provoked further discussions amongst digital forensics experts from around the world. 

He is currently "working with robots" at The National Robotarium and at Heriot-Watt University.
Prof Christos Grecos
Dr Christos Grecos (Senior Member IEEE 2006, Fellow SPIE 2023) is an independent consultant and the Chair and Professor of the Computer Science Department at Arkansas State University. Previous posts include Vice Dean of PG Studies and Research in the National College of Ireland, Chair of the Computer Science Department of Central Washington University, Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at Sohar University in Oman and 13 years in academics in the UK in posts ranging from Assistant to Full Professor, Head of School and Associate Dean for Research.

His research interests include image/video compression, image/video processing and
analysis, image/video transmission and computer vision. He is on the editorial board of many international journals and has given invited talks at various international conferences. He has obtained significant funding for his research from several agencies such as the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils, the UK Technology Strategy Board, the European Union, and the Irish Higher Education Commission.

Our Clients
Strathclyde Forensics' clientele consists of a wide mix of individuals and organisations. Some cannot be listed for privacy and other sensitive and legal reasons. The list below indicates our corporate entities and legal professionals who have entrusted our cases and clients to us.

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About us
Strathclyde Forensics has been providing professional services to the legal profession since 2009. 

Strathclyde Forensics Ltd is incorporated in Scotland (UK) with Company Number SC737018. 

Our registered (legal) address is:
5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4AN

This is not a postal address.
Strathclyde Forensics is organising several projects and events to create awareness on cybersecurity, cyber threats and digital evidence.

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