Summer Business and Innovation Bootcamp Application 
This application-based summer-long program equips students with the foundations of business and the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship. The high-impact experience is designed for students who want to complement their degree with real world business and innovation experience.

During the first three weeks of the Summer Business and Innovation Bootcamp, students will learn the business fundamentals required to start and run a successful business, such as accounting, finance, marketing, management, leadership and more. In addition, they will explore innovation and design thinking principles through mentorship, experience-based curriculum, and a specialized speaker series.

We’re also thrilled to announce that following the three week bootcamp, all students who enroll in this program will also gain an optional (paid) hands on experience by spending the remainder of the summer completing a series of consulting projects with local growth-stage companies. Fundamentally, students accepted into this program will acquire early career-accelerating experiences that will distinguish them from their peers.

During your time in the Summer Business and Innovation Bootcamp you will gain:

  • Business fundamentals 
    • Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, Leadership, and more
  • Innovation and design thinking principles
  • Mentoring and speaker series
  • Early career accelerating strategies
  • How to distinguish yourself from your peers and secure the most competitive internships
  • Optional hands on paid experience consulting with a variety of companies for remaining 6 weeks

COST: $3,750
Includes: Tuition, housing, meals and bootcamp program.
*scholarships available for select students*

Furman University
Program Dates
June 5 - August 11, 2023*
Rolling admission
4 Spots Remaining
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