Tampa Ecstatic Dance
Join us on December 2nd at Cocoon Yoga & Movement Studio for Tampa's one of a kind ECSTATIC DANCE!
What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic dance is a sober, conscious dance experience where you are encouraged to abandon all rhythm & expectation, and express yourself freely through dance and movement.

It’s an immersive, somatic experience - deeply connecting you to your body and allowing space for emotions and energy to flow.

Why Ecstatic Dance?

Our bodies are the vessel in which we experience this 3D world here on Earth. In the modern world, we often become quite disconnected from our bodies. Ecstatic dance is a way to deepen the connection among the mind-body-spirit. Think of it as a moving meditation, driven by music, taking you on a journey inward.

Having to present ourselves in a certain way in society can be a daunting task. Ecstatic dance allows for UNINHIBITED freedom of expression. You are free to move your body in any way that feels good, free of judgment from yourself & others. You will be held within a container of radical acceptance. You will be in the experience of complete non-judgment, knowing there are no expectations of you, and you are loved exactly as you are. You belong here.

Dancing freely with NO inhibitions allows for old stories, thoughts, energies, beliefs and patterns to rise to the surface; to be processed and transmuted leaving you with a sense of clarity and release. This can be a very cathartic and therapeutic experience if you simply lean in and trust. You may notice your natural state of awareness shifts towards a state of ecstasy, although you are completely sober.

Our DJ will take you on a beautiful journey, ebbing and flowing with different rhythms and beats which will evoke different emotions within. Allow yourself to let loose, express whatever the music makes you feel, and trust the process as you dance, play, and have fun.

Flow of the Experience:

7:00 pm - Arrival
7:15 pm - Opening Ceremony & Intention Setting
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm - Ecstatic Dance
9:00 pm - Closing Circle

When you purchase your ticket, you will see an option to purchase your ticket with or without cacao. If you would like a cup of freshly brewed, Ceremonial Grade Cacao; be sure to select the ticket option "GA with Cacao." If you do not select this option at checkout, you will not be able to purchase cacao at the door.

What is Cacao??
Cacao is essentially chocolate in its purest form. It's a plant medicine (non-psychoactive), and it's often shared among people in ceremony. Cacao invites in a sense of grounding, peace, clarity, abundance. It is quite heart-opening in spirit. It contains theobromine, which is the sister molecule to caffeine. Use of the medicine before dance can allow for a deeper connection to your body, true presence, and to feel more energetically open.

About Your Facilitators:

Cole & Matt Coffman are a husband and wife team who dedicate their lives to holding space for the holistic healing of others.

As an ex-party girl, Cole turned to Ecstatic Dance to help bridge the gap between who she once was in the past and who she was ready to step into. She loves raves and music festivals, but had a deep desire to stop using drugs and alcohol to enjoy those experiences. She found that Ecstatic Dance not only evoked the same emotions & release she felt at a rave, but she was left with an even deeper sense of healing and embodiment - rather than feeling depleted and on a comedown after. During one of her dance experiences, she received a crystal clear download to create this space of healing in Tampa. She is SO excited to facilitate immersive experiences where you can hear a fire live DJ, head bang & dance however you please, all while being totally conscious in the experience without feeling pressured to use drugs or alcohol.

She created her brand The Wild Within to help you integrate that wild & crazy part of yourself that is often suppressed; in a less destructive and healthy way.

Cole is an Embodiment Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Retreat Host, and E Dance Facilitator in Tampa, FL. You can connect with her on IG at @gypsysoulcole or via email at [email protected].

Matt Coffman is a Podcast Host, Health Coach, Kambo Practitioner, Supplement Creator and Bio-Hacking Expert committed to a life of optimization for himself and his clients. He is the support behind the scenes at these live events, and will be there to hold space and ensure your safety. Matt always brings the good vibes and expansive ideas to these live events, so be sure to connect with him when you see him. He is always open to feedback as to how we can improve our events. You can connect with him on IG at @integrativematt or [email protected]

About Your DJ:

Juicy Junglist is the alias of Belinda Pettinato, a Central Florida based DJ and Festival Producer, established in 2005.

For a decade Juicy Junglist put her DJ career on hold to focus on producing the annual global synchronized music and art festival, Earthdance Florida, along with other festivals and events from 2009-2018. Since her festival production days, the music goddess has re-awakened inside of her.

Juicy Junglist is now enchanting dance floors around the world at festivals, burns, and club venues to all walks of life while sharing her passion for music and commUNITY co-creation. She loves to connect and immerse herself with the crowd and brings an eclectic repertoire of music, ranging in many styles of electronica.

She is quite the mixologist and enjoys taking her audience on soul enriching journeys while mixing, blending, sampling, and cutting her favorite styles of Jungle, DNB, Halftime, Rave, Breakbeats, Future Bass, UK Garage, World Bass, Glitch, Dub, Psychedelic, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, and Downtempo. Her unique style, track selections, and passion will leave quite a positive and lasting impression on your Juicy experience.

You can connect with her on IG at @juicyjunglist.
Cocoon Yoga & Movement Studio
4105 S Macdill Ave, Tampa, FL 33611
Date & Time
December 2nd, 2023
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
 Join us on December 2nd
We look forward to hosting you!

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