Spring Session
Tap Dance Lessons
 for Kids and Adults. 
Classes start April 8, 2024!

Spring is here and Sonoma's Spring Season of Tap Dance Classes for Children and Adults is slotted to get underway beginning Monday, April 8th!

This Spring/2024, classes will be held in the beautiful Dining Room at the Sonoma Veteran's Memorial Building just north of the Plaza. With a gorgeous hardwood floor perfect for hearing tap dance sounds and enormous windows bathing the space in natural light, the Sonoma Veterans provide us the dance studio space of our tap dancing DREAMS!

Sonoma Valley Veterans Memorial Building
Date & Time
Mondays starting April 8, 2024

Tap Dance Class is a fun, upbeat class that focuses on coordination, musicality and rhythm. Starting with a warm up and basic steps, class will progress to across the floor steps like basic shuffles, flaps, heel-digs and more. A fun and lively center combination will be taught building upon the steps they’ve learned earlier and incorporating new steps like cramp rolls and shuffle off to Buffalo! Kids love tap dance for the musicality and of course the shoes! It’s a great way to develop musicality, timing, balance and improves memory skills and coordination.
Kids can’t help but feel great when bouncing around to great music and creating cool percussion rhythms with their feet!
TAP into the FUN!
Class size is limited.  Financial Aid and Scholarships available.  Tap Dancing is for everyone!

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