TECHO Volunteer Experience 
San José, Costa Rica 2024
Join us from February 16h to 19th
TECHO Building Trips are experiences like no other. A community of hands-on families building houses and human connections. Being there with the people you are helping, working side-by-side, and living a mind-blowing human experience.

You come on a building trip thinking you are building a home, but you’ll be surprised to find much more. You’ll build bonds with the families you are helping as you build together. You’ll share stories as you are sharing a meal. You’ll build character as you encounter difficulties along the way but get through them. You’ll use every muscle in your body, yet the excitement is the only thing you’ll feel.

We make these trips to connect organizations directly to the families whose donations are helping. You get to experience a life change firsthand and bring back indescribable memories.
 Join us! 
We look forward to building with you!

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