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The utilization and incorporation of technology in one’s daily business practices is imperative to your sustainability. Technology should be a vibrant, fluid, and active part of your business model..

The Technology Today series in partnership with Grow with Google is designed to assist businesses build and scale their digital skills capabilities. Through technology and enhanced digital skills small businesses can work more efficiently, increase business capacity, increase revenue streams, aid with marketing strategies and allow businesses to reach a wider customer base.

All sessions will take place via Zoom. 

Zoom links will be sent out after you complete registration.
Branding & Presenting Your Business 
(Session Completed)
Tuesday, March 1st @ 6pm - Launch Your Business with Customer-Focused Marketing.
Wednesday, March 2nd @ 6pm - Create & Deliver a Compelling Presentation.
Money Management, Investors & Loan Options for Your Business
(Session Completed)
Tuesday, April 5th @ 6pm - Boost Your Money Management 
Wednesday, April 6th @ 6pm - Learn About Investor Loan Options

E-Commerce & Your Website
(Session Completed)
Tuesday, May 3rd @ 6pm - Make Your Website Work for You.
Wednesday, May 4th @ 6pm - Sell Online with E-Commerce Tools.
Working Remotely + Utilizing Google Tools
(Session Completed)
Tuesday, May 31st @ 6pm - Connect with Customers & Manage Your Business Remotely.
Wednesday, June 1st @ 6pm - Reach Customers Online with Google.
Making Your Business More Accessible (Session Completed)
Tuesday, July 12th @ 6pm - Make Your Business Accessible.
Wednesday, July 13th @ 6pm - Get Your Local Business on Google Search & Maps.
Growing You & Your Team
Wednesday, August 17th 6:00pm - 8:00pm - Building Your Professional Brand & Digital Skills for Everyday Tasks (combined workshops)

For more information, Please contact our office at (816) 666-9722 or email us at [email protected]

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