First Confirmed Chairpersons and Keynote Speakers
Our moderators. keynote speakers and panelists represent the wide spectrum of experts in the Health Captains Club - from global enterprise executives to entrepreneurs and public health leaders
Claudia Gräfin von Schönburg
Founder and Managing Director
Dr. Hagen Wenzek
CEO, GI Digital
CIO, CorporateHealth Int.
Dr. Bettina Borisch
Professor Dr. med.
Global Health, Public Health and Pathology
University of Geneva
Dr. Mathias Goyen
Professor Dr. med.
Chief Medical Officer EMEA
GE Healthcare
Dr. Thomas Wolfram
Managing partner of WKT Solutions GmbH and owner of Dr. Thomas Wolfram Consulting
Dr. Alexandra Jorzig
Prof. Dr. iur.
Jorzig Law Firm
Kai Swoboda
Managing Director
IKK classic, Statutory Health InsurancE
Dr. Katarzyna Zarychta
Ph.D., MSc. Eng.
MagForce AG
Dr. Christian K. Lackner
Prof. Dr. med.
Surgery/Traumatology & Management in Medicine
Drees & Sommer SE
Secret Speaker
... more to come ...
Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet
The Keynotes - The Panels - The Debates. The Heidelberg Forum is a place where ideas become actionable. While the keynotes are meant to spark big ideas, the panels go into the details, leading to debates between all participants that should create concrete next steps.
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COVID-19 Aspects
We are fully committed to a safe event and will therefore implement at least all the official guidelines at the time of the event. That includes especially a requirement to be fully vaccinated, possibly including a booster shot.
Schedule - Friday after Ascension Day
Sunday after Ascension Day - May 21, 2023
|      7:15
Ferry from Dagebüll Mole (Continent) to Wittdün on Amrum Island
Ferry Tour for Health Entrepreneurs Business Breakfast. Discuss your passion and what type of sustainable health entrepreneurship you believe in. Introduce your projects and ventures.
|      8:15
Health Captains from Föhr Island will join THE HEALTH ENTREPRENEURS DAY on the Ferry towards Amrum Island
Challenge the academic definition together: Entrepreneurship refers on the one hand to the exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as the creative and creative part in the entrepreneurial process, or a phase of active entrepreneurial change, and on the other hand to a scientific sub-discipline in business administration. The associated start-up research presents itself as an interdisciplinary research area.
|      10:00
Smart healthcare uses a new generation of information technologies, such as the internet of things (loT), big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, to transform the traditional medical system in an all-round way, making healthcare more efficient, more convenient, and more personalized. With the aim of introducing the concept of smart healthcare, in this symposium, we first list the key technologies that support smart healthcare and introduce the current status of smart healthcare in several important fields. Then we expound the existing problems with smart healthcare and try to propose solutions to them. Finally, we look ahead and evaluate the future prospects of smart healthcare.
|      10:00
HEALTH ENTREPRENEURS DAY PANEL I: Entrepreneurship for Medicine 4.0
From the desire to be a health entrepreneur … – we are looking for: “dynamic entrepreneurs“, “pioneering entrepreneurs“, “inventor entrepreneurs” and “company inventors“.
|      11:45
The Amrum-CORE-Team of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB has been scouting for best practice examples for mindful entrepreneurship for healthy employees.
|      13:15
The welcome note, first keynote, and initial panel will have sparked questions, ideas, comments. Over a light lunch, it's time to get to know fellow participants and Health Captains to debate those.
|      15:15
Take the Ferry towards Föhr Island to join THE HEALTH CAPTAINS DAYS HONORARY LECTURE: " THE RE-MEASUREMENT OF HEALTH SCIENCES BUSINESS FOR HEALTH 4.0" @ Friesendom Nieblum auf Föhr 6pm
We advocate the patients perspectives towards value-based Healthcare – value and safety for the patient in Europe and beyond.
|      17:25
Last Ferry to the Continent towards Dagebüll Mole Harbor
Coffeine and sugar are the foundation for afternoon debates before the last panel of the day
|      19:00
Open End. Max. 50 Participants. Organize your BRAINPOOL on Health Entrepreneurship and Mindful Entrepreneurs for Healthy Companies.
Conference Location
 AMRUM ISLAND in the World Nature Heritage in the Waddensea

Amrum (Öömrang North Frisian: Oomram) is one of the North Frisian Islands on the German North Sea coast, south of Sylt Island and west of Föhr Island. It is part of the Nordfriesland district in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and has approximately 2,300 inhabitants. The island is made up of a sandy core of geestland and features an extended beach all along its west coast, facing the open North Sea. The east coast instead borders to mud flats and tidal creeks of the Wadden Sea. Sand dunes are a characteristical part of Amrum's landscape, resulting in a vegetation that is largely made up of heath and shrubs. The island's only forest was planted in 1948. Amrum is a refuge for many species of birds and a number of marine mammals like grey seal or harbour porpoise. Settlements on Amrum have been traced back to the Neolithic when the area was still a part of the mainland of the Jutland peninsula. During the Middle Ages, Frisian settlers arrived at Amrum and engaged in salt making and seafaring. A part of the modern population still speaks Öömrang, a dialect of the North Frisian language, and Frisian traditions are kept alive.

By invitation only. Max. 150 participants

Location: Amrum Island @ North Sea / Germany

Language: German and English – the language of medicine
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB welcomes their CO-HOSTS for their support to make this first HELTH ENTREPRENNEURS DAY a success. We welcome further inquiries. Please contact the President`s Office.
The Islandcycle
Program Committee
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Board Members invites for every FORUM & SYMPOSIUM a Program Committee to review the Schedule, the Locations and the Panels with their Speakers and Chairpersons. The Program Committee also welcomes and integrates the CO-HOSTS and supports their additional Conference Program with Chairs and Speakers.
The Program Committee is chaired by the President - Call for Proposals
Posted November 1, 2021
In the aftermath of the World Health Summit in Berlin, THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB held its first Grand Round. An intimate panel event of key thought leaders in Berlin. The President announced the ISLANDCYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT May 26th-30th, 2022 with a call for proposals by the Club`s CORE-Teams & THINK-TANK´s.
Dr. Hagen Wenzek from NY joined the Program Committee
Posted November 22, 2021
Dr. Hagen Wenzek, Member of the Advisory Board of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and Head of the Berlin-NY-Chapter joined the Program Committee for the ISLANDCYCLE bringing Transatlantic Bridging Success Showcases to the HEALTH ENTREPRENNEURS DAY on Amrum Island. We are happy to have him on Board.
Call for College recruits!
Posted October 21, 2021
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE will launch with its first class of students at the Island Symposium in Föhr May 26-29, 2022 to start the leadership academy. Apply now for a seat in the classroom.

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE is the Leadership Academy for Health 4.0 and One Health to shape the Excellence of “360-Degree Next-Generation multiprofessional and international Leadership for the HEALTH INDUSTRY, HEALTH SCIENCES and HEALTH POLICY” together in Europe and beyond.
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS DAYS on Föhr Island May 26th & 28th, 2022
Posted December 1, 2021
Since 2003 the Think Tank (15), Symposium (150) and the Brainpools (50) of the “Health Captains” have been always started every year on the Ascension Day on the North Frisian Seafaring Island of Föhr according to our motto –  "RHÜM HART, KLAAR KIMMING” (Fering: “A big open heart and a clear horizon”). As people and as responsible persons, we look beyond the professional horizon – because responsibility for health is a task for society as a whole!
THE HEALTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY on Amrum Island May 27th, 2022
Posted december 1, 2021
The focus of “The Health Entrepreneurs Day” is committed to the cultivation and activation of sustainable entrepreneurship in the Health Industry that is oriented towards patient benefit: Sustainable health entrepreneurship: from the desire to be a health entrepreneur …– we are looking for: “dynamic entrepreneurs“, “pioneering entrepreneurs“, “inventor entrepreneurs” and “company inventors“.
THE HEALTH FOUNDATIONS DAY on Sylt Island May 29th &30th, 2022
Posted December 1, 2021
The Philosophy of the HEALTH FOUNDATIONS DAY is to be a forum that actively point to positive examples of the successful interaction of “profit” (health sciences and healthcare industry) with “non-profit” (health foundations, health sciences institutions, NGOs, non-profit hospital sector, aid organizations such as the Red Cross, Order of St. John, Order of Malte, Sea Rescue Organizations etc.) on our Platform. We promote Leadership in Philanthropy - PQ = Philanthropic Intelligence: Motivate others to work collaboratively to do great things.
The Meaning of "SÜNJHAID" - since 2002
Posted December 1, 2021
SÜNJHAID! means in Fering, the language of the North Frisian islands of Föhr: HEALTH!  – according to the futurologist Leo A. Nefiodow, health is becoming a driving factor for the economy. Indicators suggest that the sixth long business cycle – “The Sixth Kondratieff” – health in the holistic sense – physically, mentally, mentally, ecologically & socially – will be the carrier of a long phase of prosperity in the 21st century. The goal of the founder: “Patient-centered navigation system for sustainable Medicine 4.0” and vision of the founder: “The patient will be the CEO of his Health”.

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