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Register latest by November 15th, 2022 at THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB DÜSSELDORF FORUM Oct 15-16, 2022 hosted by DxPx and the Düsseldorf-Milano-Chapter HEALTHApéro Düsseldorf "I" Nov 15th, 2022 6pm-9pm in Person. 
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COVID-19 Aspects
We are fully committed to a safe event and will therefore implement at least all the official guidelines at the time of the event. That includes especially a requirement to be fully vaccinated, possibly including a booster shot - 
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October 19, 2022
Schedule HEALTHApéro Nov 15, 2022

|      18:00
Come together
|      18:55
Welcome by Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, President of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and the Co-HOSTS of this Event. 
What is next at THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB? Call for Speakers and Chairs for "360º Next Generation Healthcare - Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business" @ HEIDELBERG FORUM 4/2023, ISLANDCYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT 5/2023 and BERLIN FORUM 10/2023:

THCC New Year Reception February 21 in Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Düsseldorf and @ Föhr Island with One Health Island Symposium: "Towards One Health in the World Nature Heritage Waddensea" February 20-22, 2023 - max. 150 Participants/Event.

THCC HEIDELBERG FORUM April 16th-18th 2023 - "The European Perspective" - 
 European Health Summit "EHS23"@ Hotel Europäischer Hof Heidelberg - max. 100 Participants

"Celebrating 20 Years of the Health Captains Think-Tank - from Island-centered towards World-centered for scaleable sustainable solutions for 360º Next Generation Healthcare" - max. 150 Participants/Island

„360º Next Generation Healthcare – Navigating Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business” @ Springer Nature published in 2023
Part I: 360º Innovation- & Technologytransfer for Smart Health and Smart Health Sciences
Part II: 360º Smart Healthcare and Smart Health Education
Part III: Smart Soustainability & Leadership-, Management- & Strategy-Innovation for 360º Next Generation Healthcare
Part IV: Governance, Health Policy, value-based Healthcare and a new Framework for Invest-in-Health
Part VI: Navigating the Superconvergence in Health Sciences and Healthcare Business
Part VII: Actionplans for Next Generation Health Policy & Governance
Part VIII:  The Next Generation Actionplan for "360º ONE HEALTH CARE" by the Board of Young Leaders & Talents of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB
|      19:00
„The Rhein-Ruhr-Megacity versus the European Perspective – what is next in Healthcare?” - Keynote to empower our Apéro:
Prof. Alexandra Jorzig - Düsseldorf - Co-Chair of the Düsseldorf-Milano-Chapter of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and Member of the Advisory Board
Prof. Mathias Goyen - Essen - Co-Chair of the Düsseldorf-Milano-Chapter of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and Member of the Medical Board

Düsseldorf-Milano-Chapter Inauguration: "Taking the Challenge to synchronize "Rhein-Ruhr Healthcare Megacity" with European Strategies and Actionplans towards 360º Next Generation Healthcare by inauguration of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Twin-Chapter Düsseldorf-Milano @ Industry-Club Nov 15th, 2022".

Dr. Mirko Stange - Founder of the DxPx Industry & Investor Conference - Düsseldorf

Conference Presentation: "A international conference system from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs - The DxPx Conference is the only dedicated partnering conference focusing on Diagnostics, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, and Life Science Tools."

Prof. Michael Friebe - AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Measurement and Electronics, Krakow, Poland; Otto-von-Guericke-University, Faculty of Medicine, Magdeburg, Germany

Book Presentation: Health Innovation Design from an Innovators Perspective - Innovation is the translation of technologies and inventions to a market. Editor Michael Friebe @ Springer

HEALTHApéro powered by The Düsseldorf - Milano Chapter of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB
- Prof. Mathias Goyen - RR (Medical Board)
- Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve (Medical Board)
- Prof. Alexandra Jorzig - RR (Advisory Board)
- Claudia Gräfin von Schönburg - RR (Advisory Board)
- Dr. Dirk Evers - RR (Board of Experts)
- Dr. Tobias Gantner - RR (Board of Experts)
- Ronald Gräfe - RR (Board of Experts)
- Prof. Michael Friebe - RR (Board of Experts)
- Admir Kulin - RR (Board of Experts)
- Dr. Lukas Martin - RR (Board of Experts)
- Prof. David Matusiewicz - RR (Board of Experts)
- Dr. Pierre-Michael Meyer - RR (Board of Experts)
- Dr. Susan Niemeyer - RR (Board of Experts)
- Dr. Philip Stevens - RR (Board of Experts)
- Karl Ferdinand Prinz von Thurn und Taxis - RR (Board of Experts)
- Dr. Stefan Ziegler - RR (Board of Experts)
- Mirjam Bauer - Berlin (Board of Ambassadors)
- Dr. Mirko Stange - RR (Board of Ambassadors)
- Clemens von Guenther - RR (Board of Young Leaders)
- Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet - Föhr Island (President)
- ...
|      19:30 
Debates - Discuss with our Keynotespeakers
|      19:45 
Networking and Synapting
|      20:45
Summary: The rapporteurs
What did we hear - from the keynotes and during the debates

|      21:00
End of the official HEALTHApéro Ceremony
Thank you for taking part cultivating that Health is a responsibility of the entire society. TOGETHER FIRST. Leadership starts with you - welcome on Board @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.
|      21:00
Manhattan on the Rocks at the Club Bar
Reflect on the welcome, the concert, and the keynote. Discuss with your fellow guests and try the exclusive THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB COCKTAIL from Manhattan and Föhr Islands at the Industry Club Bar – with Faith, Love, and Hope.

Open End.
HEALTHApéro Location

The Industrie-Club is as varied and vibrant as its 1,200 members. And the facilities and services it provides are equally diverse, evolving to fulfil the needs of the time and the expectations of its clients.
What has remained constant over the past 100 years, however, is the club's character and the task it has set itself: to be a centre for information, discussion and communication, for private and business gatherings, for society in Düsseldorf and the economic region of North-Rhine Westphalia.

Openness, tolerance, responsibility.

These are the guiding principles to which the club is committed. Our aim is to uphold these values in the world we live in, now and in the future, for the benefit of its citizens.

By invitation only. November 15, 2022 max. 100 Participants

Location: Industrie-Club E.V. Düsseldorf,

Elberfelder Straße 6 | 40213 Düsseldorf / Germany

Language: English – as the language of medicine and the official language of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and German.
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB welcomes their CO-HOSTS for their synapting comunity support and input towards 360º Next Generation Healthcare Solutions. We welcome further inquiries.
Please contact the President`s Office.
The Rhein-Ruhr Forum
Program Committee
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Board Members invites for every FORUM & SYMPOSIUM a Program Committee to review the Schedule, the Locations and the Panels with their Speakers and Chairpersons. The Program Committee also invites the CO-HOSTS and supports their additional Conference Program with Chairs and Speakers.
The Program Committee is chaired by the President
Posted AUGUST 22, 2022
In the aftermath of the HEIDELBERG FORUM March 28th-29th, 2022 as the first "European Health Summit" powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB with a call for proposals to build the Program Committee 
Call for College recruits!
Posted October 21, 2021
THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB COLLEGE will launch with its first class of students at the Island Symposium in Föhr May 26-29, 2022 to start the leadership academy. Apply now for a seat in the classroom.

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE is the Leadership Academy for Health 4.0 and One Health to shape the Excellence of “360-Degree Next-Generation multiprofessional and international Leadership for the HEALTH INDUSTRY, HEALTH SCIENCES and HEALTH POLICY” together in Europe and beyond.
Join the Program Committee of the BERLIN FORUM
Posted december 1, 2021
The Club CORE´s can also act as Panel Program Committee for our SYMPOSIA:

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB BERLIN FORUM – “The International Perspective” @ Oct 19th-20th, 2022

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM April 16th-18th, 2023 – “The European Perspective”

  • THE ISLANDCYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – “The Davos Perspective” - May 18th-22th, 2023

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